As many homeowners know, there is often just not enough room to store all of you extra possessions in the attic, garage or basement. If you feel your home is overcrowded, you may want to consider outdoor storage solutions to help manage your space. One of the most common solutions is a storage shed; however, before you invest in a storage shed there are important considerations to review in order to make the best purchase for your particular needs.

Match The Design to Your Home

While most people focus on the functionality of the storage shed, it is important to also focus on the esthetic of the shed. The shed is becoming part of the home and will most likely pass on to the next buyer of your home; therefore, it is important for the shed to add value to the property. If you have a modern home, you should purchase a shed that has a modern look as well. It is also important for the shed to look like it naturally fits on the property. One way to accomplish this is landscaping around the shed or by adding shutters or window boxes with flowers.

What Size Shed is Allowed?

Before purchasing a shed, you will need to make sure the size that you would like is not prohibited. Most towns and cities will limit the storage shed size allowed on a property to a certain amount of square feet. It is important to call your town zoning department to find out the allowable size. In addition, if your home is part of a homeowners association you will need to check with the management company for any restrictions. A homeowners association will most likely dictate size as well as colors and material.

What Is The Sheds’ Purpose?

If you are only looking for a storage solution then size might be your most important consideration. However, there are additional uses for sheds that can impact the type of shed you purchase. In addition to storage, many people use sheds as a workshop. If this is the case, you will want to make sure the shed can accommodate a workbench as well as an electrical power source power tools. If you are going to be using the shed as a workshop, you will also want to make sure there is proper ventilation.

What Type of Material Should My Shed Be?

Sheds are typically made out of wood, vinyl or metal. You will need to consider how long you would like to use the shed for. If you are planning on staying in the home for many years, wood or vinyl are the best bests. A vinyl shed will last 25-30 years but will cost the most. Wood sheds require a bit more maintenance but are a good option if you want it to last a while. If you are on a strict budget or only need a short-term solution, a metal shed is a good choice but will need to be replaced in a few years.


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