Moen 7594EWORB Arbor Motionsense Wave Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

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I was waffling a lot at first between purchasing a more pricey motion sensing device, or a regular one. As well as talking to our plumber, who works in huge buildings all over NYC, I did a lot of homework online. Though he did not have a view on motion vs. non-motion in particular, he had Moen on his short list of 3 brands worth purchasing.

I read a reference that we shouldn’t use a high-arc faucet for deep sinks like ours because of splashes. Ok, I disregarded it, and wanted to use the extra cash on a motion sense device. The preference was between this one and another big producer that you’ve probably seen here. I read complaints about the other one, and there were nothing but complaints about theirs from a family friend. I really appreciated that this had characteristics that the others did not have, such as the front / top sensors that do not literally involve touching the device, which, since I have dirty hands / arms, will negate the whole objective for me.

Quick forward now that for months I’ve owned this and yeah, we’re so pleased with this buy,

Top critical review

It went from 5 to 1 rank. It has produced two leaks in two distinct places since owning it for almost two years. Which is on the hose itself, the other is a hose that is non-replaceable. I am angry that I trusted Moen to avoid water damage to my kitchen island. I wish there was a lemon rule that would compel them to buy it back, because why would I want them to repair pieces that would malfunction again?

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Top Positive Review

I’m very picky, do a lot of research and like to go for name labels and never the bottom of the line, so before adding this unknown-to-me brand name to my shortlist of well-known brands of identical nature at more than double or three times the price, I did some fairly detailed research. Two other issues: 1. A few reviewers reported that the pull down did not correctly retract and snap back into place, left hanging. That’s actually a concern with installation. There’s a weight that has to be changed, which is fairly simple, but it fits well. 2. Color-the images shows it to be more of a grey brushed stainless steel colour, but it’s made of brushed nickel, which can complement my SS appliances with a warm, brownish colour that I was worried about. I couldn’t find any feedback that discussed that feature or in the questions, so I asked the question myself and got excellent responses to ensure that it didn’t have the brownish hue and that stainless steel appliances would perform well. That proved to be sound advice. I was not disappointed, thanks to those people who took the time to answer my question. This is a solid quality product, the interface is fantastic with the pull down and spray feature, my sinks were never so clean! Longevity is the one thing I can’t worry about because it’s only been a month, but it’s in regular use, like most kitchen faucets, and I have no reason to believe it won’t last the same as the more expensive brands. Nice option, go for it, save, $with 5 stars, I’m happy to recommend it.

Top Critical Review

I love the faucet, the finish, and the faucet style over the sink. The weight method, though, is a prime example of crappy engineering and the mentality that it is no longer your issue if you can only get the money & ship it out the door. To hold this heavy weight in place, there is a thin, badly built plastic lock-and guess what, it is not substantial enough to keep it in place for a very long time. If it falls down (and it will), so if you want the sprayer to immediately withdraw, you have to break out the black electrical tape to secure it to the hose.

Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer and Magnetic Docking Spray Head

Top Positive Review

This faucet is a little too tall, but a fine one overall and quality made from all metal vs. plastic pieces. (use the shipping weight as a reference … the cheapies with all that plastic are 2-3 lbs lighter in their description). The only concern is that the arc comes over the drain, far out. Most countertops are 24 “tall and sinks have a 4” counter on the back and 3 “on the front, leaving 17” (I’m an architect) for most measurements of the kitchen sink.

The arc projects about 10 “over the drain, placed in the middle of the rear 4” deck, placing it at 7 “from the front. This is far too close for the most practical and convenient use, and should be back by 3”. I almost wished I had placed a single sink on the side of my bowl. Yet it was too late.

That said, everything else is excellent about the faucet. Just the temperature mixer lever pivots forward, which is perfect enough that the back-splash would not strike (if you wished it to be mounted further back). The spray for the pull out is fine. The spray feature is very powerful (vs. stream) and I don’t use it as much as it splashes out much faster than the stream.

It’s a good quality overall.

Top Critical Review

Looks really nice and installed really easily, but the critical components are made from plastic. Only the outside parts are metal. My faucet worked well for two weeks and then started getting wobbly, though it was still securely mounted to the counter top . I examined it and found that the plastic interior piece had come adrift from the metal outer part and this was allowing it to wobble so badly that I had to remove it since I was worried that it might spring a leak.

So I contacted product support and they seemed not to understand the issue – requesting photos. I made the attached video for them. The communication from Delta product support has not been great and I’ve not had a written response from Delta with an explanation of the problem and an indication of how they plan to resolve it. I did received a bunch of automated emails titled “Repair Parts Order Confirmation” and then various “Repair Parts Order Update” but I have no idea what they are sending me.

Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Pull-Down Sprayhead in All-Brite Finish

Top Positive Review

This faucet didn’t seem to look a little funky, but the 5-star ratings forced me to look into it. I then ordered and installed the stainless edition today. The quality construction and fit and finish on a cheaper product I had tested (< $100) is one thing I found. The braided hoses were beefier, the lock ring configuration for the main shaft was a stronger design (brass lock ring with two Phillips screws to protect the change and avoid loosening-no cheap plastic material). You could tell right away. The Kraus design also encouraged the construction. The bottom line is that you get what you’re asking for, but it’s not a mad dumb amount like a Moen.

As for feature, you can’t beat this kind of faucet style, so you can quickly swivel the gooseneck from side to side, so you can shift it out of the way. The handle of the faucet is built with a 90 degree sweep so that you can add the faucet to the back wall of the sink with very little clearance. And the nozzle detaches, of course, and you can drag the hose up to 2 feet out so that it can stretch beyond the drain. What I also like is the nozzle’s shower feature because it has very strong pressure so that I can use less water because I don’t have to open the handle of the faucet more than 20% of the max.

I was fortunate because even though my house is 80 years old with an old sink, the Kraus nozzle after I built it targets precisely down the middle of the drain! The nozzle spray ‘s high water pressure helps to flush out the two sink screens that I have so that they no longer clog so much (like they get clogged with food scum every 3-4 days).

Top Critical Review

Faucet was professionally installed by a plumber but the lower portion of the handle swivels from right to left, very odd. The faucet assembly itself is tightened all the way and the base itself is

not moving, see the video. Possibly defected but paid $100 to have this installed and will now have to spend another $100 to have another fixture put in. Spend your money elsewhere!

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