Everytime you purchase Venetian glass, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a small glass object, like beads, vases or greater objects akin to sculptures, chandeliers, bear in mind that you simply may discover air bubbles right here and there.Even while you obtain your set of 6 Murano glass flutes or wine glasses it might be that a few of them embody greater or smaller air bubbles and even a couple of. However why is that if you will get good crystal wine glasses, which might be produced in Austria or another nation and these by no means have any air bubbles?Many individuals don’t understand, that the whole course of within the Venetian glass furnaces is basically completely handmade from the combination of the silica mix till the packing. The ovens are like those used centuries in the past, the one distinction is within the gasoline, however that doesn’t change the working course of. Hearth is at all times hearth and the melting pots are additionally at all times the identical.

There are not any controls made by machines or robots, like within the semi-handmade Austrian crystal manufacturing premises. The stress of the ovens there are managed with an computerized gadget. On the identical time when the glass is picked out of the oven to go on with the blowing process it’s at all times picked out from the underside.Whereas in Venice it needs to be recognized that when the silica mix melts within the ovens and is continually stirred in a single day, the air bubbles, a standard phenomenon throughout the melting course of, are inclined to go in the direction of the highest. The Murano glass masters begin any work by dipping their blowpipe into the melted silica and whereas pulling out the glass mass additionally they choose up a number of the air bubbles that are on the floor.A few of them are eradicated whereas working by utilizing the tweezers or scissors, however it’s inconceivable to get completely rid of them. That is the rationale why you may get your lovely Venetian wine glasses together with some air bubbles.In 1928 Napoleone Martinuzzi launched a method in Murano known as “pulegoso” the place chemical brokers produce a response throughout the melting course of, thus together with such an enormous quantity of small air bubbles that the glass itself is rendered mat. He produced a inexperienced amphora with this method, which was proven on the Biennale that yr.

Due to its success, this method was used time and again particularly for cactus, flowers and bushes with flowers, primarily by Martinuzzi himself, however later additionally by different artists and glass blowers.The identify “pulegoso” comes from the Venetian phrase for small air bubbles “puleghe”. Some designers have experimented with this method, amongst which additionally Toni Zuccheri who launched an evolution of it in 2007 by utilizing metallic straw as an alternative of chemical brokers thus acquiring massive bubbles and virtually craters within the glass mass.It’s as much as each single to determine whether or not to simply accept air bubble inclusions in Venetian glass or if to think about them a defect. The individuals in Murano as soon as once more wouldn’t even elevate the problem as it’s thought-about regular.

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