Interior design is an objective work of art. Each room is decorated with style and functionality. Your interior decor speaks of your personality. It’s a work of art that’s from the heart. Your home’s interior design can be exotic, country, contemporary, shabby chic etc.

The foyer is the first area a visitor sees. This area reflects the feel and style of the home. A home with an elegant style may have a large chandelier hanging with black and white marble floors. A cherry finish table with a vase filled with a pink orchard.

The kitchen design is important and must meet the demands of the family. White cabinets that touch the ceiling are beautiful and functional. Crown molding and trimming to the cabinets will give it an elegant feel. Add a beautiful large island with hues of gold, black, and specs of white. A grill and sink make it functional. A small chandelier is perfect lighting for this space. A large round table that sits 5 is a nice touch.

The great room is the gathering place in some families. This room is used for gaming, watching tv or celebrating. An L-shaped sofa is perfect for this space. Its large enough to seat the family and guest. The walls would look great with a neutral color. This is a great space to display your children’s artwork or expensive pieces. A large table, end tables, and lamp finish the space.

The dining area space decor is important to your interior design. This is the perfect space to store your china cabinet. A large rectangle cherry wood table is a great focal point. Don’t forget to add tall stemmed glass vases with roses. You can add crystal lighting over the table and a Persian rung underneath.

The bedrooms are the perfect opportunity to express your creativity. Each bedroom should be painted the color to reflect the mood you want to have. The color blue inspires calmness and serenity. Pink has a safe and gentle romantic mood. Your furniture should reflect your personality. A romantic may like a poster bed. A bed with a silver headboard would suit a Hollywood glam modern personality.

Exterior design of your home is just as important as the interior. Nothing says design like landscape lighting design greenwich ct. Landscaping isn’t complete without perfect lighting. The lighting sets the mood and feel of the space. It extends your evening outdoors by brightening the area. Landscape lighting adds decor and flare to your outside space. Installation is easy to set-up with a phone call. For more information go to

Lighting serves as a safety feature and it’s energy efficient. It provides a security to the walkway to your home. Statistics say that landscape lighting reduces crime by 50%. It will showcase your home as well as increase its’ value. It gives your home a groomed look. The landscape lighting only uses 1/3 of energy consumption. The look of lighting increases the value of your home. It adds beauty and elegance to your home.

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