For new and seasoned homeowners alike, it’s always a good idea to keep thinking of new ways of cutting down on bills. While it’s not always realistic to re-negotiate a mortgage, there are a ton of ways to save on the cost of living each month by reducing home energy bills. However, when it comes to saving big each year, it’s not just about turning off the AC and keeping the windows closed. If you buy new windows to replace old leaky ones and invest in expert window installation, you could be paving the way for big savings down the road. Add some brand new, energy-efficient home siding into the mix, and you’ll see a drastic reduction in what you pay each month on heating and cooling. If you’re looking to save on bills this year, here are a few ways to make your home windows and siding work for you.

Energy Efficient Windows Help Regulate Temperature

When you buy energy efficient windows, you’re not just purchasing window types that will keep your home regulated while the AC is on or during the coldest winter months. Newer window models use an internal panel of compressed gas to help keep cold air out and keep warm air from escaping. This doesn’t just make them virtually leak-proof, it allows your window to stay safe from other harmful external elements like dirt particles and air pollutants. The right energy efficient windows will help your home stay at a stable temperature without having to run the heating or AC all day, and they’ll keep the air in your home fresh and free of contamination.

New Siding Boosts Insulation

Siding exists to help absorb and reduce heat during the hottest months. However, older siding often isn’t installed with the proper insulation to help protect your home from the inside out. Installing a more durable, low maintenance material like vinyl for your siding can help your home stay temperature regulated for longer, especially during winter weather.

Choosing the Right Siding Color Can Help Lower Bills

Most of us know that darker colors attract heat, while lighter colors deflect it. The same principle should inform your choice of siding when it comes to choosing the right color. Lighter colors will help your home stay cool during the summer months, especially if your home doesn’t get a lot of tree shade or uses a more absorbent material for its siding.

Checking Window Value Will Help You Save

Your home walls come with an R-value to let you know how efficient they’ll be in the long term. While the right siding can help boost this value by keeping homes draft and leak free, the right windows can do even more to cut down on heating and cooling bills. If you’re choosing new windows, making sure to purchase models with a low-E coating to help protect your home’s interior from sun damage will also help keep the overall temperature of your home cool and regulated. Choosing a high R-value for the frame is also a great way to make sure your home isn’t subject to drafts during windier weather.

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