For outdoor patios, there’s nothing like a few stone or brick pavers naples to spruce things up, create an elegant-looking pathway, or simply create a bit of order in the garden. However, as lovely as stone pavers look, it doesn’t take long for the weather to start affecting them adversely, especially in the winter months. While there are plenty of great ways to clean pavers after a storm or snowfall, the best way to keep your patio looking great is to maintain pavers rather than do a lot of damage control. You can keep your pavers looking great with a few household tools or spruce them up with a bi-monthly maintenance session. If you’re looking for ways to keep your patio clean and beautiful, here are a few cleaning tips for your pavers.

Use Sand to Clear Weeds

If you find weeds popping up even between the smallest cracks of your pavers, it can eventually lead to a big problem. If weeds have room to sprout, they can easily overpower your pavers, causing cracks and an uneven walking surface. They can also lead to moss and algae growth on your patio surface, which can create a slippery, hard to clean walkway. To avoid this, sprinkle a liberal amount of polymeric sand in between the cracks of your pavers, being careful to sweep or air-blow away any excess. Wet the sand with water and let it sit for 24 hours. After that time, any weed growth will be strangled by the presence of the sand.

Use Power Sprayers and Oil Remover

If you notice dirt and staining, don’t be shy about applying forceful cleaners to your patio pavers. Whether your pavers are newly-installed or older models, they should be able to withstand a lot of force from a power water cleaner. If you spend at least once a week going over the area with a power hose, you should be able to dislodge dirt buildup effectively without having to scrub each individual stone. However, if you’re dealing with more serious stains, you can use an oil remover cleaner to treat grimier areas. If you want your stones to have a polished appearance, try treating them consistently during sunny days so that the water will quickly be soaked up after cleansing.

Don’t Ignore Dirt

Even if you have the best power sprayer on the market, you can’t underestimate the effect of dirt buildup on your stones. The best way to keep a clean, smooth-looking patio walkway is to be sure to sweep dirt daily to keep it under control. Leaving dirt to collect in the cracks and on the surface of your pavers won’t just look untidy, it will make it harder for you to do the best possible monthly maintenance even with a power sprayer and stain treatment.

Treat Your Stones

If you’re paranoid about moss and weed growth, give your stone pavers a bit of extra attention by spraying them with a growth prohibitor like white vinegar to keep your pathway clear and free of pesky weed or algae infestation. If your pathway has wider cracks, try dressing them up after treatment by sprinkling some pea pebbles or smooth stones in between each paver. This will help suppress weed growth while giving your patio a more whimsical appearance.

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