Allergy sufferers will often worry that putting carpet in their homes will lead to flare-ups and trigger allergic reactions. Why? Because carpets can be very good at collecting and accumulating allergens from all types of sources.

However, carpet is perfectly safe and healthy to install, whether you have distinct allergies or not. The key is bring in Bluffton SC carpet cleaners to clean your carpeting so as to ease your allergies and not live with a flooring material that can be detrimental to your well-being.

So what is it exactly that’s getting stuck in your carpets and wreaking havoc with your allergies? There are quite a few different types of hazardous contaminants that you’ve got in there and each one is a stark reminder that you need to vacuum and deep clean your carpets on a routine basis. Neglecting your carpeting will only allow greater concentrations of these allergens to permeate the fibers.

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Dust Mites

These are literal living organisms living in your carpet. You can’t see them, as they are nearly microscopic in size, but they can have a big effect on your ability to live a normal comfortable life with dirty carpeting in your home. In fact, among all of the assorted allergens that can find their way into your carpets, dust mites can be the most troublesome.

That’s because these little nuisances can be launched airborne whether you step across the carpet or when you attempt to vacuum it. They will remain there until nothing else is in the vicinity to keep disbursing them throughout the airflow of your home.


Although it’s a seasonal allergic trigger, it’s no less devastating to those with respiratory issues. Pollen typically floats in through openings in the home, such as windows and doors. It may also be carried in by errant shoes that haven’t been wiped thoroughly. Pets can also carry pollen into the house on paws and in their fur.

A good deep cleaning of your carpet can be very effective at clearing away any remnants of pollen that might find their way into it.

Pet Dander

Speaking of your pets, they can be a significant source of allergens beyond the occasional bit of pollen from running in the back yard. They can leave pet dander all over your carpeting when hair and dead skin falls from them. The dander can easily become buried into the fibers the longer you allow it to sit there. Once that happens, it can be very difficult to remove from the carpet.

But cleaning or vacuuming the carpets can also push the dander back into the air where it will continue to be disbursed for lengthy periods of time. When that happens, you can start to breathe it all in and that will have a serious negative impact on your respiratory allergies.

So always be sure to vacuum and clean on a routine basis. For the former, do it at least once a week, more if you have pets. For the latter, a professional deep cleaning once a year should suffice. Allowing these things to collect in the carpet is just asking for trouble.

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