There are many homes where there may not be proper access available to the basement that may create a dangerous situation if any fire or any other emergency situation ever arises. Particularly for the older homes, where there can be poor ventilation and also lack of proper access.

An egress windows Canada can offer access to your basement, however, most local codes will need that an adult person should easily fit through the window. Therefore, if you want to install a basement egress, then prefer to contact Window Mart who has enough experience in this area.

An egress window will work as a point of your entry/exit from the basement and will become a lifesaver during any fire emergency. When there is fire and all the interior basement exits are blocked, then your egress window will become the only escape.

What are the benefits of having egress windows?

The following are a few benefits of installing egress windows in your basement:

1. More natural light

By providing an egress window, now you will allow natural light into your basement, as a result, an otherwise darker room will turn into a very well-lit and also functional area, that can be perfect for renovations later. Also, for finished basement, such an egress window will make a great addition.

2. More safety

By adding egress windows, now you can also address your home’s safety concerns as this window will offer a route to escape during an outbreak of fire. By including egress windows in all rooms of your basement will ensure that anyone present in the home will always have access to the exit.

3. More value

If you wish to increase the value of your house then an egress window can help you. Not only will it add value, but if you ever decide to sell the house, it will also stand a very good chance to increase the square footage of your home.

Just with an addition of an extra bedroom having such an egress window of your basement, you can recover almost 20% of the installation cost easily.

4. More comfort

Do you need extra comforts in the basement living area? If you are tired of your dingy basement windows, then install an egress window today. Not only will you get additional light into your basement, but also when opened, then they will act as a high-quality basement ventilator.

5. Increase aesthetic value

An egress window may increase the aesthetic value of the home because many different varieties of materials are used in constructing your egress windows. It is possible to make them your focal point.

6. Waterproofing your basement

If your basement had no waterproofing then by including an egress window, your leaky window will totally stop unwanted water to enter your basement. Also, with better window technology, you will not get any condensation on your windows of the basement like before.

7. Meeting building codes

Nowadays in most places, even the building code also specifies that if the building has any basement then it must also have egress windows too.

Nowadays, if any building having a basement must install egress windows for the safety of the residents.

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