Do bugs in your home give you the creeps? Do you worry that your home might have a pest infestation and you’re unsure of how to read the signs?

Relax and do not fear because a large percentage of homeowners actually have the same concerns as you!

Whether you’re already a homeowner or looking to purchase a house, no one wants the stress of having pests in the home.

Are you interested in learning more? If you are, continue reading to find out the top 7 pest infestation signs!

Pest Infestation Signs: Active Pests

Even though this might be more of an obvious sign, it’s always important to look out for active pests. You never know where bugs can be lurking, and they can hide just about in any crevice inside or outside of your home.

Once you can identify an infestation, be sure to do your research and check out what type of bug it may be. By doing this, you’ll understand how to treat the problem in the best way possible.

It is smart to have the contact information of many pest control companies so you can call when necessary.

Holes and Bite Marks

If you find any holes or bite marks in the walls, floors, or garbage bags, this is a sign that you may have a rat infestation.

If you find any burrows within the weedy areas of your yard, this is also a bad sign. Rats love to chew on things so if you see any of your electrical wires outside that are cut off you’ll know it’s those little critters!

Grease Tracks

Always look out for travel markings from rats and mice.

These rodents will move along the same path every day so you’re bound to see footprints in any dust path or grease marks.


These pests are something to watch out for in your home because they can destroy any wood in the building or furniture.

Make sure to check for any fecal matter or shed wings of flying termites.

Dead Bugs

If there are dead bugs around your home, it’s highly likely that they are thriving there.

Make sure to check in the corners of your home!


Both rats and mice will use just about anything to make nests in your home. To be safe, you should take out a flashlight and check out underneath your kitchen appliances.

If you see that there are a bunch of paper shreddings, this is a sign that the rodents are using this paper to make their nests.

Eaten Plants

Whenever you’re in the backyard gardening it is crucial to be aware of any plants that look like they’ve been eaten or bitten into.

Something specific to look out for is bite marks on the edges of grass blades or any garden plant.

The Importance of Learning About Pest Infestation Signs

We all know that this can be a pesky issue for any homeowner, but now that you know these details, you’ll be sure to recognize pest infestation signs!

The sooner you read the writing on the wall the faster you will solve your pest control problem.

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