Maintaining your home in good condition is an absolute-must if you want to keep costly surprises away. Dampness issues in the basement are bound to pose problems in future. Overtime the hazardous mold growth could damage your personal belongings and damage the overall foundation of the property.

Purchasing a home with a wet basement:

Home buyers have to consider many minute factors before zeroing in on a property. Thorough inspection of the property is required before signing the contract. This is because there may be many hidden problems that would cost you costly repairs. Wet basement is one of the main issues that catch many by surprise after they move in. They instantly regret under-estimating the importance of home inspection.

Selling a home with a wet basement:

If you are planning to sell your home which has a water issues in the basement, it is better to fix the issue. Fixing it using dehumidifiers would cost you but it will improve your home value and make it easier to negotiate the price with interested buyers. However, if the reason you are moving is leaky basement, it is a better alternative to waterproof your basement.

Need for home inspection:

The extent of the damage can be analyzed only by professionals. Before buying or selling a property it is strongly recommended to have a home inspector inspect the basement. If you are looking for an experienced professional to inspect a wet basement, Toronto contact Wetproofing PD. They offer excellent waterproofing services in Toronto region.

They offer long-term solutions for any issue associated with leaky basements. Call them up for a free inspection. After the inspection they’ll give you the estimate for the repairs to fix the issue. The role of a home inspector involves finding out:

  • Foundation issues: Moisture seeping through the building structure causes cracks in the building. A professional will let you know which cracks could pose problems and which needs immediate fixing.
  • Leaks: Water can enter into basement in several ways like cracks, window wells, pinholes etc. and identifying how water is seeping through is very tricky. Professionals carry out a thorough inspection and spot all the problem areas.
  • Presence of moisture: Most often people are clueless about the presence of moisture in their basement. Moisture results in mold and mildew which leads to several health issues.
  • Vermin: Infestations are a nightmare. When infestations aren’t spotted early, they cause irreparable damage to structure apart from causing health problems. Dealing it with it is challenging. A home inspector looks for signs of infestation of rats, mice and termites that could result due to the presence of moisture.

Every home owner should check their basement condition at least once a year. If you notice even a small crack, keep checking often to see if it expands. Look for damp spots during rainy and winter season. Basement moisture isn’t to be taken lightly. Hire the services for a home inspector and do the necessary fixes to avoid moisture making its way into the basement.

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