Today more home owners have an interest in organic practices and this includes lawn care. In previous years there has been the development of countless lawn-care products and solutions in the fight to keep weeds and diseases away and to keep lawns healthy through the right fertility and soil amendments.

Unfortunately, as time has gone by we have managed to develop unsustainable environmental and economic lawn-management practices. However, today, the majority of preferences have moved back to management systems that are more holistic. Organic lawn care is defined as an emphasis on cultural practices which discourage diseases and pets and using grass types which are suitable for the specific climate which will require less maintenance and care.

Natural or organic lawn care should not be regarded as a short-term solution, but rather a management strategy that is long-term which minimizes synthetic inputs. Soil that is healthy is the overall foundation when it comes to what is regarded as organic lawn-care systems. Your soil should be seen as a dynamic and living body that is filled with interactions what occur between plants and microorganisms.

Reasons To Go Organic For Lawn Care

When it comes to organic lawn care, there are 3 stand out benefits associated with choosing this system. These include that your lawn becomes healthier, the surrounding environment is healthier, and you and your family will benefit. Over and above these advantages, you will also save on money and time.

  1. A Healthier Lawn

Today most lawns are described as “addicted” to significant infusions of synthetic fertilizers along with frequent watering. This common practice has resulted in lawns which are no longer able to defend or protect themselves from pests, along with lawns that have shallow roots which are susceptible to drought.

The well-planned organic lawns on the other hand features deep-rooted grass and healthy soil which can withstand most of the local conditions as well as robust enough so that the lawn can crowd out the weeds and survive from occasional pests.

  1. The Surrounding Environment Will Be Healthier

Even though your lawn might be small, cumulative impacts associated with water use, fertilizers and pesticides used on lawns across America is massive. When you stop using chemicals, you also stop the run off that causes harm to water sources and wild lands in your area. You can also prevent any potential harm to your family and your neighbors.

You may be just one tiny yard in the grand scheme of things, but this small effort to turn to organic lawn care practices that include growing native grasses and plants and watering correctly will contribute to the overall difference.

  1. You And Your Family Will Be Healthier

Did you ever think that products that are toxic to soil microbes and earthworms is also harmful to humans? The organophosphates which is a chemical compound which forms the foundation for most of the current insecticides, contain neurotoxins which are lethal to the living organisms, which work on insects as well and humans. In addition, most of the more common herbicides which are made up of the “weed” portion of the “weed n’ feed” products are also dangerous. In fact, even the 2,4-D which is most widely, and commonly used herbicide can cause permanent damages to your eyes and skin irritations and are more than often mixed with other toxic herbicides or inert unnamed ingredients which are often even more toxic than the types which feature on the labels.

  1. You Can Save Money Or Time Or Both

If your existing lawn care only involves mowing your lawn weekly in the months of summer and spring, the choice to go organic will not save you any time, but then nothing else will actually save you any time other than making the choice to replace the lawn with grass that won’t require mowing. If you already hire out weed control and fertilizing and you have your own automated sprinkling system which deals with your watering, then saving time for you is already covered.

However, when you deal with all these tasks on your own, then the practice of organic or natural lawn and garden care will save you on money and time in the long run. This may not be true to begin with, but over time it will. This is easier to achieve as you will no longer be fighting against nature but rather working with nature. For example, the synthetic insecticides will kill the problematic insects, while at the same time killing the beneficial ones, which means when your lawn is under attack from unwelcomed visitors, it is left vulnerable.

In addition, the petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers used more commonly are able to harm earthworms along with all the micro-organisms that maintain soil health. This often results in having to spend more money and time on having to replace the lost nutrients and repairing damages to soil which these products caused. If you are looking for an organic product to combat pests, you may want to try St. Gabriel Organics Insect Dust which is made out of 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth which eradicates lawn pests, slugs, ants, ticks and fleas. This product is harmless to pets, people as well as the surrounding environment.

When you choose to go organic, you are armed with natural allies which in most cases fight off those unwanted pests for you, which results in the need for less and less pesticides and herbicides. For example, lacewings and ladybirds will eat a host of the troublesome insects, but they wont when your garden is already a zone that is toxic for all type of insects.

Another organic lawn care tip is to change your grass to a type that is regionally appropriate, which will mean you will need less fertilizer and water. Dependent on where you live, organic care has been regarded as far easier in comparison to synthetic and most people agree that once they get started it is a lot easier than they initially thought it would be.

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