You may have enjoyed your home for a long time; long enough to overlook its flaws and potential eyesores. Several small fix-it jobs that have accumulated over the years can become an extensive list of repairs. These and many more projects can make the difference between your home being just another house on the realtor’s list and being a highly sought-after property. Consider a couple of these tips when preparing your home for sale.

Spruce up the Bath

No one likes the idea of bathing in someone else’s bathroom grime. If you cannot get your bathroom to sparkle like new, it is time to replace tired old fixtures with updated new ones. Change the countertops, sinks and hardware such as the towel bars and paper holder to reflect modern trends. If the floor is damaged, replace it and change light fixtures, avoiding the Hollywood light style. Call the experts in home remodeling Centennial depends on to help you get your home on track.

Replace the Flooring

Refinish hardwood floors, repair cracked or missing grout on ceramic tile floors or replace the floor with more updated tile. Install new carpet wherever any wear shows or where an very dated color or style exists. Choose neutral colors that will go with most modern color schemes.

Install New Rain Gutters

Vinyl or aluminum rain gutters can add the final touch to the front of a home. Otherwise you may have unattractive drips across the front of the house and leave visitors (and prospective buyers) standing out in the rain. If you prefer, you can install a rain chain at the corners instead of a downspout. Rain chains can add a touch of style and sophistication.

Update the Entry

A new door or at least a new coat of paint can clean up and modernize a front entry. A couple of potted plants or topiaries flanking the door and an attractive new doormat can dress it up and emphasize its importance. Adding full-length shutters can also make a statement, but choose a more modern style rather than the standard louvered type. Add new address numerals and put up new porch lighting.

While you are at it, give a bit of TLC to your curb appeal. Start by spraying the lawn to control weeds. If you have dead spots on the lawn, have the sprinkler heads adjusted so they catch each edge and corner. Cut an 18-inch swath along the front walkway and fill with flowers and plants as the finishing touch to your beautiful, ready-to-sell home.

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