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Millions of people are telecommuting and working from home these days. If you count yourself among those millions, do you have the right home office set up to stay productive?

Your home office environment can affect how you work, the quality of your work, and even your long-term health. Some workplaces are recognizing how important the right home office is for their employees and even offer stipends for any purchases they need to make.

It’s important that you have the best furniture or anything else you need to stay on top of your workload. If you’re looking for the best guide to contemporary home office furniture, keep reading!

Before You Buy

Planning your perfect home office is fun, but don’t let your dreams ruin your reality. It’s best to take a good look at all of your needs and your budget before you buy your first piece.

First, take a look at the space you’re going to designate as your home office. Ask yourself things like do you have enough space for a full sized desk or should you go for one that fits in a corner?

Do you need to fit any special equipment into your home office? For example, do you use special printers or fax machines, or do you need enough space for multiple monitors?

Finally, figure out your budget and work out how much you can spend per piece. Make sure you spend the most and go for the highest quality on the items that are the most important to your work.

With this in mind, it’s time to take a look at some of the home office interior design ideas that are available.

Office Desk

The desk is usually the centerpiece of any office. The challenge is finding the right space for it.

Not everyone has the room to have a giant, full-fledged desk in their home. If you don’t have a lot of room or might have to share space with others, you’ve got options.

We mentioned corner desks which are great space savers. They tuck into any unused corners of your home and allows you to maximize space.

There are wall-mounted desks that fold up when you’re done using them. Try placing a regular desk on casters so that you can move it out of the way when it’s not in use.

Whether you have a traditional desk or have to make do with a space-friendly option, make sure you don’t feel crowded when you’re working. Your desk should have enough space to feel comfortable when in use.

Office Chair

After you get your desk set up, your next purchase is an office chair. You’re going to be spending hours in this chair so make sure that your body is supported.

Now is not the time to try to save cash. Your body will thank you for investing in a high quality office chair.

You need to find one that has adjustable features. Not only should you be able to adjust the height but try to find one with adjustable arms, backrest, headrest, and more.

Proper lumbar support is a must. Prevent painful backaches by ensuring your lower back is comfortable.

Having wheels is convenient but not essential. Padded material offers comfort while mesh is more breathable.


The ideal home office has at least one window. Try to position your desk so that it faces the natural light and there’s no glare on your computer screen.

If that’s not possible, or even if you have a smaller window, you still need reliable lighting. An overhead light is fine but add a few accent lamps too.

An arc lamp provides more light than a side table lamp but isn’t as overwhelming as an overhead light. A desk lamp is great for shining the light on objects you need to see close up.

Ergonomic Design

We talked about the importance of great back support. Ensuring your home office is ergonomically designed will help you feel comfortable while you work.

When using your computer, decide if you need to make any adjustments. Things like wrist rests for your keyboard or mouse keep your wrists and hands pain-free.

You can get an adjustable keyboard tray that fits under your desk if that makes typing easier for you. Look into getting an ergonomically designed mouse and blue light blocking glasses too.


When you bring your office home, you’ll bring work essentials home too. Your contemporary home office needs the right storage solutions to keep your space tidy.

Open shelving allows for easy access. You can add track shelving to your walls to create an adjustable and removable space for storing your files, books, and more.

When you can’t take up too much space, think about going up. Vertical storage or even placing shelves over doorways can help maximize the space you have.

The Extras

Having a functional space is the most important part of creating your perfect home office. But you should enjoy being in that environment too.

Adding extras that perk you up, keep you going, and inspire you are just as necessary as the best desk or storage space. Bright posters add pop to bare walls, fun mouse pads show off your style, and live greenery gives your office some life and beauty.

Even adding something as small as a cheerful coaster for your fun coffee mug can brighten your workday. Check out best designs Danese Milano for more inspiration.

More Contemporary Home Office Furniture Ideas

Creating the right work space is a matter of pulling together the right essential pieces. From there, you can get creative, even on a budget.

Your contemporary home office furniture should offer ergonomic support while still being stylish and wallet-friendly. You should feel comfortable and productive while working from home.

If you’re home more often, you might start noticing other things around the house that could use a little improvement. We’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for your next home project, check out our home improvement and interior design articles for inspiration.


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