Don’t be surprised if you find ants in your car. Although they are most frequently found in homes and gardens, they can be found almost anywhere where they find abundant food supply. If you have lately overlooked the cleanliness of your car, it could easily turn into a breeding ground for these nasty pests.

Dealing with sugar ants in a car can be extremely frustrating. They are extremely sensitive to food and if you have pieces of cookies, cakes or a few drops of juice lying around the car, it becomes an ideal place for ants.

To get rid of sugar ants from your car, here’s what you can do.

Maintain Cleanliness: Since ants tend to thrive in unclean areas, think about devoting some time to cleaning. Get your car cleaned thoroughly. Remove any garbage lying inside the car. Overturn cushions and covers. Check edges around the seat, vacuum clean every nook and corner of your car. A car vacuum cleaner is perfectly suited for this kind of job. With different nozzles, you can easily clean hard to reach areas. After vacuuming, wash your car properly. It is likely to remove any hidden ant colonies inside or outside the car.

Get a repellent: You can easily find different types of repellents for getting rid of sugar ants in the car. These can be in the form of gels, sprays or powders. A few natural varieties are also available and it can be safely used in a car without the fear of side-effects.

Contact an Exterminator: Sugar ant infestations can recur from time to time. To permanently solve this problem, it is a good idea to contact a professional pest control service. They are trained to solve varied pest problems and can design the perfect solution to get rid of sugar ants.

Use of Ant Baits

If you are trying to exterminate sugar ants from your car, use baits to lure them. Available in different forms – gels, liquids, dusts and solid baits, these are extremely handy. While gels can be easily squeezed around cracks and holes where ants hide, a solid bait can be placed outside the car. This will attract ants to the bait and is likely to drive them away from the car. Powder baits can also be applied along ant trails.

Liquid baits are considered to be the most effective. It can be sprayed anywhere and generally has a better success rate than other varieties. You can also use some homemade ant bait to stop infestations. Mix a little bit of borax in a sugary substance and place it inside the car. It can be quite useful.

Contact Pest Control Services for Effective Treatment

If all else fails, it is time to get in touch with a reliable pest control service provider. They can easily identify the kind of ant infestation in your car, remove the food source and use baits to draw them outside. An antifreeze leak can often attract ants. Experts can easily locate such problems and design solutions specifically suited to your needs. They will destroy nests and use exterminators that can prevent future infestations.

If you are troubled by sugar ants, get in touch with a pest control service in your area now!

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