Should You Consider Replacing Windows Before Selling Your HomeWhen you are looking to sell your home, of course you want to present it in the best light. At the same time, you probably don’t want to spend a heap of money to fix up your home. With so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to know which repairs, upgrades, and replacements to focus on. Although replacement windows can be costly, you may want to make new windows a priority. Consider these four factors before you put your home on the real estate market.

Windows Are a Big Ticket Item for Buyers

In this real estate economy, you need your home to meet buyer’s demands. One item that seems to be making its way onto many potential home buyer check-lists is new windows. You wouldn’t want to buy a car that you know needs a new set of brakes, and many people will not consider a home if they know that it needs a new set of windows. As they are surveying homes and shopping around for the best deal, buyers want a home that is up-to-date in every way possible. They do not want to have to perform any form of major maintenance within the first few years. If you want your home to have check marks next to every big ticket item for many buyers, put windows on your to-do list now.

Windows Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Unfortunately, yes it’s true. Replacing all of the windows on your home is kind of expensive. It may even be something you need to save up for. Windows are expensive for two reasons: (1) Windows themselves are costly to manufacture, and (2) Installing windows must be done by experienced, specialized laborers. Here is a bit of good news: replacing the windows on your home not so much an expense, as it is a smart investment. By replacing all of the windows in your home, you can see an immediate 74% return. To put this another way, if you were to spend $10,000 replacing your windows, the value of your home could jump $7400 almost overnight. This means that although you will spend a decent chunk of change to replace your windows, you can plan to see a good portion of this money back in your hand when you close on the sale of your home.

New Windows are Pretty

New Windows are Pretty

Selling your home is like going on a blind date: nothing is more important than making a good first impression. Sure, potential buyers are going to be crunching numbers and weighing a wide variety of pros and cons, but in many ways, the purchase of a new home comes down to a gut reaction. If potential buyers walk into your home and like what they see, they are more likely to consider signing the papers. New windows can give your home that wow factor. New windows are sleek, clean, and nice looking. By selecting the best design for your specific architecture and style, new windows can really bring your home together in a cohesive way. It is hard to put a number value on simply “looking good,” but looks are a primary factor when it comes to choosing a home. By replacing the windows, you can help your home to look its very best.

Replacing the Windows Will Lower Your Bills

If you are looking to get back that extra 26% of the window costs, you may be able to in a matter of months. Regardless of what sort of windows you select, by replacing the windows in your home, you will be sealing off any opening and gaps. By preventing the transfer of air from inside the house to the outside (and vice versa), you can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. This can put less strain on your heating and cooling systems, and simultaneously keep more money in your pocket. Depending on how old and/or inefficient your old windows were, this could amount to major savings each month.

The Bottom Line

If you want your home to sell, you may want to consider new windows. New windows are an important factor for many potential buyers. New windows will instantly boost the value of your home. New windows are beautiful and appealing, and a new set of windows can slash power bills. Fortunately, by working with experienced window professionals, this process is easy. Consider making an appointment with Andersen windows to discuss the best options for your home.

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