A beautiful landscaping project can help your home stand out in a crowd while boosting your curb value considerably. Even adding a few patches of hardscaping here and there can work wonders when it comes to your backyard and front lawn. Doing a great job landscaping a new home comes with no en

d of benefits. But what counts as a great landscaping job, and where do you begin if you’ve never attempted landscaping before? Even if you have the best tools and a bundle of Pete Rose landscape supplies, it can be hard to find inspiration, know how to plan, and figure out how to keep your new project on time and under budget. Have no fear: Whether you’re a true newbie or have had a small amount of experience, here are a few tips for landscaping beginners that will have you crafting an outdoor masterpiece in no time.

Think About Needs vs Wants

Before embarking on a serious project, it always pays to think about what you need vs what you want, especially if you’re a beginner who’s working on a budget. Sure, you might have wild dreams about installing a koi pond and an outdoor kitchen, but let’s be realistic: Do you want to build the outdoor paradise of your dreams, or do you want to start a project that you end up actually finishing without overspending on? If you’re not sure how to separate needs from wants at this stage, think about it this way: You might feel like you need something extravagant like an outdoor canopy, but would you settle for a porch where you can actually bring people over for drinks? If you don’t already have a garden set up, it might not be the time to build one. Instead, think about creating a space for a future garden by installing a few stone pavers and creating a nice walkway area. Think about ways that you can make it easier to bring some of your more ambitious projects to life in the future.

Use What You’ve Got

Even if you’re not thrilled with the look of your outdoor area at the moment, there’s always a small amount of potential lurking in even the most unweeded, uncouth-looking areas. For instance, you might have an old child’s swing set that hasn’t been used since your kids grew up.  You could tear it down and use the space to plant a small herb garden, or you could leave the structure standing and find a creative way to turn it into something new. You can put a few hanging vines over it, or build around it to create a canopy effect. Don’t ignore or be too quick to do away with an aspect of your outdoor area that makes it unique, especially if it means putting in time and money you don’t have to simply tear it down.

Hardscape Away

Landscaping is a great way to give your outdoors a brand new look, but don’t just think about your project in terms of plants, flowers, and greenery. When it comes to trends among new homeowners and prospective buyers, hardscaping is most certainly the future. Whether you want to install a small walkway, redo your driveway with a bit of tile or stone, or build an outdoor patio, think about ways you can use easy-to-install structures to turn your outdoor space into a place you actually want to spend time in. Embracing hardscaping trends doesn’t mean going all-out on a gazebo or building an inground pool, either. It can be as simple as adding a border around your grilling area or building new steps to connect to your patio.

Don’t Go Overboard

Once you get into the swing of it, there’s a chance that you’ll fall in love with what you’re doing and will never want it to end. Instead, you’ll end up wanting to do a total and dramatic rehaul of your entire outdoor area which involves pulling everything up and installing a lot of new features that cost money and take time to implement. However, before you get to carried away, remember that some of the best landscaping jobs you can do involve practically no effort. Install a few window flower boxes, use a power washer to wipe down your outdoor deck, or trim the grass around your home. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to turn your outdoor space into a masterpiece. By choosing a few small projects over one massive rehaul, you’re making the work of sprucing up your home way easier on yourself and on your wallet.


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