Nobody likes a drafty window, especially in the darkest, coldest days of winter. But how can you prevent a home from letting cold air in through the windows, especially if it’s an old or historic home? Don’t despair: If you’re looking for cost-effective, helpful ways to winterize your home, there are a ton of solutions available. If you’re already looking for Cape Cod window replacements, the right weatherproofing tips will help you select the most energy-efficient window on the market, and if you’re trying to seal off your old windows, you can find ways to stop cold air leaks in their tracks. To get your home ready for a long winter, here are a few essential tips for weatherproofing your windows.

Create a Seal

If you’re serious about protecting your windows from drafts, you have to make sure there’s absolutely no way for the outside air to make its way into your home. That means making sure your window is tightly sealed with no possible gaps or empty spaces along the border for cold air to get caught in. Your window comes with a seal that works to trap heat in and force cold air out. But if this seal gets broken, there are a few ways you can easily fix it. The first is to purchase a rubber adhesive seal and attach it to your window borders, making sure everything is aligned and that no gaps remain. If this does the trick, you can move on to your second layer of weatherproofing.

Caulk and Weatherstrip Routinely

Whether or not your seal is in working order, your window has to receive extra protection during the winter if it’s going to remain effective against cold air blasts. One way to do this is to keep adding new weatherstripping before each season and to apply caulking on any holes or gaps. Reapplication is key here since caulking can easily erode and create a mess on your windowsill. Don’t assume that last year’s weatherstripping and caulking will be good enough to protect your home this winter. Always do a thorough check and reapply as needed.

Use Plastic Film

For an even better seal against the cold, try taping up plastic window film over every window in your home and shrink each piece down to size using a blow dryer. This won’t just keep cold air out: It will create a barrier between your window and your heated room, making sure none of your home’s heating finds a way out. This will help you keep things toasty and temperature controlled all winter long.

Get a Draft Snake

When it comes to handy, draft-fighting tools, draft snakes are some of the best and least-expensive ways to keep cold air at bay. All you have to do is attach the plastic tube to your window and allow the cold air to be filtered through. This will have the effect of sucking the draft out of your home and spitting it back out into the cold where it belongs.


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