Carpet manufacturers suggest having your carpets cleaned by a professional service at least once a year. If you have a warranty on your carpet, it’s all but mandatory or else you could void the warranty entirely. When you need a trained technician to do the work, call TNT Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning and we’ll send one of our professional carpet cleaners to do the job right, the first time. You may have already tried various carpet cleaning tricks, to no avail. Now is the time to call in the pros.

However, in order to ensure that your carpet receives the best care possible, it will be up to you to prepare your home for a cleaning. Here are the steps you should take before the technician arrives.

Tidy Up

Look around the house. See if there are any items that can hook hoses and wires that are necessary to the operation of the cleaning equipment. You should also move any random objects that are easy to trip over or might get in the way of the technicians who are cleaning your carpets. This includes shoes, toys, pet items, plants, and vases, anything that is delicate, easily broken, or impeding access in and out of the room. You may also want to vacuum the carpets first to eliminate excess hair and dirt.

Moving Furniture

Any major furniture that is positioned on your carpets should be moved as best you can. The technicians are not licensed furniture movers and these items can get damaged while they perform their cleaning duties. So it’s up to you to move them out of the way to preserve their condition and allow for the carpets to get a thorough and complete cleaning. Be sure to move your furniture to an area where it can remain for an extended period of time, so that your carpets are allowed to dry fully.

Protect Your Valuables

Anything you own that represents significant value should be moved to a private area. It should be kept away from the rooms where cleaning is being performed. You don’t want to run the risk of something valuable being damaged or taken by an unscrupulous carpet professional and while our representatives are fully vetted and trustworthy, we cannot vouch for other carpet cleaning companies or their employees. Better to be safe than sorry and remove valuable items out of the room.

Safeguard the Walls

Walls are some of the easiest areas to sustain damage, particularly in the areas where cords and hoses are going to be moved around. These can leave behind scuffs and marks as the technician moves around in your home. To avoid any unsightly damage, use painter’s tape to protect the areas of your walls where these components can make contact during the course of a cleaning procedure.

Watch Your Pets

Animals can be unpredictable. Before a professional enters your home, put your pets in a room that is safely removed from the area where your carpets are being cleaned.

The machinery being used is loud enough to scare animals and that can prompt them to run away and hide. Your carpet technician may also need to go in and out of your home repeatedly, if a door is left open your pet could run outside and disappear.


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