Rodent-proofing your house

No one wants to see mice roaming around their house. The reason is quite understandable. Apart from causing considerable damage to your property, mice are known to transmit diseases, such as salmonellosis. If you’re already facing an infestation, find a CT exterminator to rid you of your pests. In addition, here are some tips to keep your property mice-free:

Remove entry points

Get that mouse out of your house for good! All you need to do is close the entry points created by the mouse by sealing up holes inside and outside your home. However, this step may be difficult because mice can squeeze in through the smallest of openings, such as a hole having the size of a half-dollar.

If you want to be sure that the entry points are small enough for the mouse to fit in, you can use a pencil to fit into an opening to ensure the mouse can’t get through.

Use mouse traps

Using mouse traps is the best way to get rid of them. Many people tend to place a dozen traps for catching just one mouse because that one is the hardest to catch.

There are various types of mouse traps available that will help do the trick. From wooden traps, bait traps to live traps and glue traps. If you want to get those mice away from your house unharmed, it is recommended to use live traps. Placing a variety of pitfalls will give you a better chance of catching mice as there might be certain traps the mouse would know how to avoid. If you are in need of more immediate rodent removal contact professionals to do the job!

Use caulk and steel wool to seal the house

Using caulk and steel wool to seal your house is the best way to prevent mice from re-entering your home. This is because it is nearly impossible for mice to eat through caulk and steel wool.

Bait stations

Bait stations are sealed packets that contain meal or pellets. These stations enable the mice to nibble through the sealed packs and get access to the preserved bait. Once they bite the bait, they die. This trick may be helpful, but it is vital to call trained pest management professionals for mice control CT.

Poor sanitation attracts mice

It is best not to leave food crumbs here and there because this is what attracts mice. You should vacuum the kitchen floor, clean the counters and remove food crumbs. It is best to store your food in airtight containers instead of leaving them out in the open.

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