Many people do not look at themselves as being a hoarder. Instead, they will often suggest that they merely have a lot of clutter around the house, or that they are simply disorganized.

The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of people who have issues with hoarding, but for most of us out there it is more likely a problem of having too many things without the proper amount of space to store it all. While it may be easy to refer to these people as hoarders, it is not exactly the case. However, just because it may not meet the clinical definition of hoarding does not mean that it may not be a real problem in their lives.

Hoarding vs Cluttering: The difference

Hoarding may result in having a lot of clutter, but it is far different than merely living with a lot of clutter around your home. You can be messy and even live like a pack rat without having a clinical diagnosis of being a hoarder, or having hoarding behaviour. This situation is a difference of degrees, as are most things. While hoarding can have serious consequences on the life, health and financial situations of those who suffer with it, having an overabundance of stuff cluttering up your limited space at home is not necessarily a care-free alternative.

Clutter, or an overabundance of possessions, can collect overtime and eventually start causing disorder within your home. There have even been many studies done on the link between clutter and one’s emotional well-being which link a cluttered home to a stressful one.


One of the best ways to begin the process of decluttering is as simple as ridding your home of any unwanted or unnecessary things that have been piling up. This includes any junk, broken or unusable items, tools and appliances.

Once you have purged the obvious things, you can begin organizing your other possessions into categories that can help you further decide which objects are useful or simply clutter.

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