When it comes to selecting patio door options you have two main choices, French patio doors or sliding patio doors. Each version has plenty of pros and cons to consider before you have one of them installed, so we’re going to take a look at each to better inform that decision.

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The type of patio door you choose starts with understanding how each one works when it’s installed in your home.

French doors use hinges that allow them to swing in or out depending on the way they have been configured to operate. These doors are also a lot more complex in the way they are built and manufactured.

Sliding doors do just that, slide open and shut on a rail or track which means they need less space to operate as opposed to doors that are meant to swing when they are open and shut. In this case, going with a sliding door is ideal for homeowners concerned about the small amount of space they have on their patio.

Sliding doors are typically accompanied by screen doors that slide as well, so you can leave the doors open and still keep out bugs and other nuisances while reaping the benefits of a cool breeze from outside.

However, there is always the option that combines the best of both worlds in a French sliding door. That’s right, door manufacturers heard their consumers who wanted the aesthetic of a French door combined with the space-saving aspects of the sliding door, and thus, the French sliding door was born.

Choosing between the various top rated patio doors among all three styles is really a question of one’s own personal preference.


In comparing French vs. sliding glass doors you should also consider the way each is designed.

For French doors, the option of swinging door panels means a wider, more expansive door frame in which to come and go into the home and patio.

Sliding doors usually offer frames that are narrower and that means you can enjoy increased natural light coming in from the outside.

Another thing to consider is the fact that French doors don’t offer any hindrances to walking through the doorway they offer. It can be easy to trip over the rail or track at the foot of the threshold. French doors have no such potential obstacle to navigate and you can walk through without being cognizant of something in your path.

The two different doors also come equipped with respective hardware that is typical of each version. For French doors, the handles and locks are meant to keep the doors secure in a different fashion than what the hardware on sliding doors is intended to accomplish. Both are easy to operate correctly.

Some homeowners will want to take this into consideration as the hardware that comes standard may not make them feel safe at night or when they’re not at home. This can play a role in the type of doors you ultimately select.

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