Yes! With kids in the house, almost every other household item presents a safety threat. Like electrical sockets and cords, windows remain one hell of a safety concern. Once your little one begins to move about, you’ll never know when their curiosity leads them to the window. As such, in your quest to offer your kid the best go beyond purchasing non-toxic newborn products. The safety of the home environment counts too.

To prevent any fatal window-related accidents at home, here are some practical interventions you can consider:

  • Always lock the windows

Perhaps the simplest way to childproof your windows is keeping them locked at all times. Luckily, there are plenty baby proof locks you can install to help secure the window. Using permanent locks or tight shutters that can only be pulled open by an adult is one sure way out. That way, you can eliminate the risk of falls in case the baby tries to open the window unnoticed. Of course, this strategy might only work if you can do without letting in some fresh air. For the summer season, for instance, you’ll need to rethink this strategy.

  • Introduce a window guard

If you have to keep the window open occasionally for ventilation especially during the warmer months, a window guard would be more than ideal. A window guard is designed to allow you to keep the window open letting in fresh air while providing necessary protection. Unlike a fly screen or sheet which can easily tear, a typical window guard is sturdy enough to act as barrier. In the event your baby ventures next to the window unnoticed, you won’t have to worry.

  • Install a window protective film

Most windows are made of glass which can easily break when struck with objects. It means in the event the child accidentally breaks the glass, there’s still a risk of injury. To prevent the glass from breaking and falling in small sharp shards consider installing a protective window film. The film will help hold the broken pieces together in bigger chunks that are considerably safer.

  • Attach window stops

You’ll need to have the window open from time to time. But, even then you need to ensure the window remains baby proof. Window stops are designed to enable control the opening size of window. In other words, these little devices can allow you to keep the windows open wide enough to let in a cool breeze but not big enough for a child to fall through.

  • Clear the window area

In most homes, windows are set way above children’s reach. That means it takes something else like a ladder for any toddler to scale up to the window. It could be furniture or any other household accessory sitting near the window area. Rearranging or clearing the window area will be more than enough baby proofing.


A normal window can be major safety threat for your little one in a split second. Before your little one becomes a restless explorer around the house, make it your business to eliminate potential safety risks associated with the window. Above all, find a way of training your baby early enough about areas that are off-limits.

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