Trees can be a very important part of any property, but unfortunately, sometimes they need to be removed. Not only are they beautiful to look at they offer protection and privacy along with your property. If can sometimes be difficult to decide on a tree removal richmond va, but it can be inevitable. It can be hard to imagine not seeing your favorite tree when you walk outside but the safety of your home and family is more important. There are many things that might indicate that it’s time to get rid of a tree.

Root Problems

There are a few things that can go wrong with the root structure of a tree. In some cases, the root structure can become overgrown and interfere with the land or structures surrounding the tree. You may notice buckling sidewalks or patios or even that you are hitting the roots when you mow your lawn.


While animals are always attracted to trees and often make them their homes, the type that comes when your tree starts to die are usually less wanted. We like to think about trees being filled with birds and squirrels, but a dead or dying tree tends to attract pests such as termites. Eventually, they could make their way into your home and become a huge problem.

They’re Contagious

If your tree has contracted one of the many diseases that can affect them the affliction can be spread to other plants in and around your property. When mildew starts to develop on a tree, the leaves may lose their bright color due to a process called chlorosis. If there are flowers or other plants around your trees, keeping the diseased tree in your yard could cause your healthy plants to die.

They Don’t Look as Pretty

While living trees are beautiful, the same usually cannot be said about a dead one. While they may look great during Halloween, they look out of place and unappealing the rest of the year. A dead tree can detract from your house’s curb appeal and affect the value when it comes time to sell.

Falling Branches

While it’s expected that branches could break off and fall during a storm or particularly windy day, they are more likely to do so if the tree isn’t healthy. In fact, if the tree is dead or dying those branches could be bound to fall at any time. This can be dangerous to anything or anyone that happens to be under the tree when it happens. A person or pet that is walking under the tree when it falls could even be seriously injured or killed if a branch strikes them.

It Might Fall

When a tree is dead, it will start to decompose and decay. This process can affect your trees integrity and strength. If this is the case, it could fall and land on your property or the surrounding property. If the tree falls over onto someone else’s property, there is a good chance that you will be held liable for any damages.

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