Air conditioner maintenance will help you in the long run. Other than helping your unit to last longer, you will also benefit from lower power consumption. As a beginner, what do you have to look out for?

Look at the Filters

Air conditioner filters work as you can expect from the name; it filters the air. It’s responsible for removing smoke, dust, pollen, and other solid particles and contaminants from the air. This ensures that your room has clean and good-quality air coming from your unit.

Remember to watch the signs that tell you something is wrong with the filters. Notice when there is an increase in dust and allergens in the cabin. And don’t forget to see whether there is reduced power output or not. Take particular notice when the airflow has been reduced, too.

These conditions are likely due to build-up in the filter system. Not only will this be uncomfortable for you and other people in the room, but it will also be difficult for the unit. In fact, if you ignore it, chances are your unit will start to become noisy.

The unit can become noisy because it’s short cycling, a quickened process where the unit turns on and off during the day faster than usual. Short cycling can affect your unit’s efficiency, and ultimately, worsen its wear and tear. In the end, it might break down.

Ideally, it would be for the best if you changed or replaced the filters every 90 days. At the very least, maintain them regularly by cleaning them. You can achieve this on your own, or if you want to save time, effort, and money, hire a professional to check your AC.

Clean the Coils

The evaporator coils are responsible for making sure that the temperature is regulated in your space. It holds the temperature by absorbing heat and moisture. One smart thing to know is that these coils are filled with a coolant or refrigerant. Then, the air is blown through the coils to cool it.

Unfortunately, the coils tend to collect dirt and dust. The debris it collects affects the coils’ efficiency, and eventually, they will corrode. You can clean and maintain the coils by hand or by brush. It’s recommended to use self-cleaning evaporator coil oils, too.

The dangers of coils in poor condition include leaking, which will likely spread across other parts of the unit. You have to watch out for any leakage because this will corrode any parts that are affected. Other than leaking, it would be best if you also watched out for freezing.

Left unrepaired for a long time, damaged coils will cause strain in your air conditioner. It’s also going to absorb more electricity as the motor struggles to regulate the temperature. The worst-case scenario is that it’s going to break down, and you might need an air conditioner soon.

You can clean and main the coils of your unit on your own. However, the better approach is to contract professionals.

Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit

At the very least, you should regularly clean your air conditioner unit. Cleaning it will improve its efficiency by ensuring no dust, pollen, and other solid particles clogging the unit. It’s not just to make it look cleaner and newer, and it’s going to make your unit last longer.

Cleaning your air conditioner unit will also save you a lot from electricity bills and repairs to replace parts of the unit itself. Remember that as debris builds up inside the unit, the more strain it puts on the motor to deliver cool air. More strain equals more power consumption, and the result is an increase in electricity bills.

Did you know that running an air conditioning unit can comprise up to %70 of the electricity bill in hot countries? In fact, expenses can range between $60 to $100 per month. And if you’re not careful, you can pay higher amounts that you could have just saved for emergencies.

It’s also going to improve the air that circulates in the room. Remember that the dirt the unit collects will eventually end up spreading in the area. So cleaning it reduces the pollutants you want to avoid. In other words, cleaning your unit will result in a better quality of air circulation.

These things are just a few out of the many considerations and things that even a beginner can do to maintain an air conditioning unit. However, it’s still recommended to hire professionals because they’re the ones who really know how the unit works. Not only that, but they will also save you the time and effort you can use for other activities. Just remember if you maintain your unit well, it’s going to last for longer and allow you to save!

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