Are you running out of storage space on the main floor of your home? Your garage is full of boxes, your basement has been finished into a living space, how do you find the room to keep all of your spare things and holiday decorations?

Have you considered a loft storage area?

Many of us have lofts or attics that are unusable due to the spaces between jousts or weak flooring. You can still turn your overhead space into a convenient place to put your things.

Keep reading to learn how.

Insulate Your Space

The first step to creating loft storage space is to put down more insulation. While you likely already have some insulation in place, adding more will save you money on your energy bill. It’s recommended that you put down about 270mm of insulation.

After you’re done with this, make sure that you add some space. If you add a platform or floor right above the insulation, it gets compressed. You’ll also be adding weight to the loft when you start bringing in your things, so it’s best to provide a sturdy surface.

Put Down a Floor

After you’re done with this, you need some kind of platform or flooring. This is easier than it sounds. You can use a raised floor system to lay easily over the insulated floor, or you can use boards and nails (or screws) to create your own floor.

The raised floor system is easier. It further protects your insulation from compression and it’s sturdier than the DIY option with the boards. You can buy these systems or have them made for you by a contractor.

That said, if you’re handy, the boards are suitable. Make sure that they’re sturdy before you move on.

Add Lighting and Storage Options

This is when it’s time to create or place the storage options in your loft. While you’re already building, consider adding built-in shelving if your walls can accommodate that. You can also just add extra lifted platforms so you have an organized space to stack things (which creates more room and accessibility).

If these things are too complicated, add in pre-built shelves. Just make sure that they aren’t too heavy.

This is also a good time to think about your lighting. You want a well-lit space so you’re able to navigate the loft safely and find everything that you need. Use a guide for lighting to find the most appropriate lighting options for your loft.

Loft Storage Is the Answer to Your Storage Woes

If you’ve run out of room to store your spare things, creating loft storage might be the right answer for you. It’s a great home improvement project and it could even increase the value of your home if you choose to sell in the future.

Keep all of your excess stuff overhead by creating a loft storage space today.

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