With 2020 turning out to be a real disappointment, primarily because of the health and economic crises the entire world is faced with, we sure could use a ray of sunshine for the coming year.

The marvel that is solar energy has a lot of benefits on top of lowering your electric bills, especially since COVID-19 brought us all home and brought our energy consumption a lot higher than usual.

We understand that not everyone is keen on investing in some solar panels and a home battery but hear us out as we list down some of the benefits of solar power.

  1. Its environmental benefits
    One of the best things about solar energy is it leaves no carbon footprint behind. It is a renewable source of energy which means it’s clean. It is not harmful to the environment and is helpful in environmental preservation.

So having solar panels installed in your home makes your home environmentally-friendly and lessens your contribution to climate change.

  1. It is the future of energy
    About this time last year, Australia suffered some of its worst forest fires. We also saw how a huge portion of the Amazon forest went ablaze. And earlier this year, California also made the news for its wild bushfires. All of these and a lot more natural disasters are caused by climate change not getting any better.

We need to do something for our environment to help fight climate change. And solar energy is one of the main things that experts are looking to. The United Nations installed 2.7 gigawatts in solar power during the first quarter of this year and have made clear their stand about solar energy and climate change.

  1. It’s free
    One of the things that are holding a lot of people back from having solar panels installed on their properties is the high cost of installation. This is kind of short-sighted considering that once the installation has been done, you will now be getting free energy for the rest of your life.

With that kind of lifetime benefit, the return on your investment is far greater than the capital.

  1. It significantly increases your property’s market value
    With the increasing number of folks being educated about solar power, the demand for homes with a solar power system is continually rising.

Appraisers are now considering solar panel installations in determining the fair market value of properties. Several studies have already been made about how houses with solar power installations have greater market value than the ones that don’t.

So if you want to increase the value of your home; whether you’re selling or not, then a solar power system installation will significantly add to your home’s value.

  1. It is reliable and durable
    Solar panels are designed and built to withstand the worst weather conditions like storms, hail, extreme heat, rain, high winds, and snow.

On average, a solar panel has a degradation rate of 0.8% per year, depending on the quality of panels used. Some even go as low as 0.3% degradation annually. Of course, this is assuming that no external damages are done to them.

An installation done by reputable professionals can mean at least 25 years of enjoying solar power in your home.

Given the benefits we have gathered, it’s hard to see how transitioning to this renewable energy source will still be refuted by naysayers. But haters will always hate.

Hopefully, with the information we listed above, we have helped open your eyes to the wonders of solar energy enough to make well-informed decisions about it.

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