Not all bathroom problems are the same. Some are pretty simple to fix on your own, others might require a professional’s touch. But regardless of the level of difficulty in solving the issue, there are certain bathroom repairs that need to be done quickly.

That’s because the bathroom is one of the areas in the home that can sustain significant damage due to the ever-present possibility of water leakage. Flooding, mold growth, and water damage are all things you need to worry about when it comes to fixing bathroom problems.

The trouble is, most of us don’t even realize there is a problem until it’s too late and that pipe has burst or drain overflowed. We also don’t act as quickly as we should when we do discover a problem has emerged and some of us will wait far too long, when the damage has already been done.

That’s why you need to act immediately in order to keep the smaller problems from becoming bigger issues. Here are five of the most common bathroom problems that you must address urgently should you be experiencing one or more in your home. As always, if the job is too big or complicated for you to deal with by yourself, call VanRossun Contracting and we’ll fix the issue in no time.

1. Water-Damaged Baseboards

The baseboards in your bathroom are made of wood and when water is given the opportunity to linger on the surface, the result can be downright nasty and unpleasant. You may notice the baseboards near the toilet starting to look disfigured and swollen and the first diagnosis must be a leaky toilet.

It’s possible, but unlikely. The real culprit may be the humid moisture in the bathroom from long hot showers and baths. Condensation can begin to build along the outside of the water tank on the commode and this is the source of your water damage as it starts to drip down the wall and into the baseboard.

The solution is to reduce the amount of moisture from all that warm air. Neglecting to do so can result in serious damage that can be very costly to repair.

2. Shower Head Problems

You may find a couple of different issues start to emerge with the shower head. The most annoying among them is a clogged head where the water trickles out despite your water pressure being perfectly sufficient for a strong stream.

Clogged shower heads are easy to fix but they should be handled quickly. The main reason you’re not getting the strong stream you’re expecting is due to heavy mineral deposits and calcium build-up that isn’t really all that great to be showering underneath anyway.

When you allow for these things to get caked up on the shower head, that can seriously impact the flow of water and your shower is less forceful than usual.

But some shower head problems are just the opposite in that too much water is coming out in the form of a leak. Constant running water in a tub or shower can lead to stains and other impacts that can dramatically damage the fixtures. Not to mention a slow leak is also a tiresome problem to have to deal with when you’re using the shower as well.

This is an easy issue that can you usually fix yourself with just some threading tape.

3. Slow Drains

You will usually find this problem in your tub or sink and it’s typically a sign of a serious issue that a pipe has been backed up. Most slow or clogged drains are relatively easy to clear, however, they need to be handled quickly for fear of a sink becoming so backed up that you have an impromptu flood from running the faucet for too long.

But before you hit the hardware store for that liquid or gel drain cleaner, you may want to go with a snake or similar tool instead. Those abrasive chemical cleaners can actually eat away at the pipes and damage them over time.

4. Loose Toilet

The next time you sit on your toilet, you may feel it shift in place on occasion. That means it’s come loose from the base nuts in the floor and that can lead to all kinds of potential problems if you’re not careful.

Sometimes the wobbling isn’t coming from the toilet but the seat itself. That’s an easy fix as well, and one that is less potentially damaging to your bathroom and the belongings within.

5. Leaking Water Supply Valve

You walk into your bathroom and notice a small puddle under the water supply valve. Could mean it needs to be replaced, but before you do that, try giving the packet nut a turn. Tightening at that spot could be all you need to do in order to stop that pesky leak.

But don’t let this issue linger too long, you may be damaging the floor and allowing water to seep into areas where it shouldn’t be, for fear of mold and mildew forming underneath the floor.

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