The first option of making a block quilt is to buy an Easy Six Ruler to make the blocks needed. The other two options are to use a clear plastic film or the Mylar template sheets to make the stencils for the blocks. Use the stenciled template to make the horizontal, vertical and the quarter half-diamond blocks. If you should choose to make a template here is more information about the three Mylar film materials that can be used to cut stencils and templates for the tumbling blocks quilt.

Thickness and Sheet sizes of the Mylar Polyester Film

The Mylar Sheet 125 Micron Polyester Film can be used for detail work for graphic stencils or decorative crafts. This material is very easy to cut.
The Mylar Sheet 190 Micron Polyester film is 60% thicker for medium to heavy stenciled graphs, lettering or decorative projects. Moreover, it has a longer shelf life than the 125-micron film.
Mylar Sheet 250 Micron Polyester Film Is not as bendable as the other two films but it will retain its flexibility or rigidity. However, this material is not recommended for small or complicated detail work.

Assembling the Tumbling Blocks to Make a Pattern Quilt

To assemble the block pattern, you need to cut and maintain an equal amount of medium, light and dark color fabric for each of the diamond shapes needed to complete the tumbling quilt. The technique is a simple process but can be extremely detailed at times. For each of the diamonds or triangles make sure to make a ¼ inch seam allowance along the edge of the material. This method needs to be done on the wrong sides of the fabric.

Pin two of the diamond shapes together and sew along the seam line crossing the intersection of the marked seam allowance.

Mark a dot at the intersection line using a washable pen or ballpoint pen. Match the colors and the dotted seam lines and sew 2 to 3 pieces together. Match the point and angles to the right diamond or triangle from point to point. Sew and press the medium and dark diamond together and allow the seams to fall along the dark color diamond.

The light, medium, and the dark diamonds should all fall on the same side of the block. This keeps the optical image flowing accurately. Match the points and angles of the light diamond to the medium and the dark diamonds. Sew the pieces together starting from the inner corner to the outer point of the diamond. Repeat the technique until the quilt is finished. The tumbling quilt is a great craft to start. This craft is great for beginning quilters because the process has a repetitive method that is easy to remember. The tips for this quilt will make quilting a lot of fun and can help with hand and eye coordination. However, picking the fabric and tools are another factor in quilting and you want to make the right decision so that quilting dose does not become a headache.

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