An HVAC system is the main piece that’s required for heating and cooling your home. If you get a good quality HVAC system it’s likely that you are going to keep your home extremely comfortable no matter what time of the year that it is. Understanding how one of these systems works can be crucial to performing the required maintenance as well as choosing the type of system that’s going to be well-suited for your home.

The Main Types of HVAC Systems

Forced Air

A forced-air system takes hot or cold air back and forth through a series of metal ducts throughout your home using a powerful blower. The hot air is forced through the system and the cold air is sent through a different set of ducts. The air-conditioner typically functions outside of the home and uses this extra set of ducts whereas the furnace will use a main set of ducts for its blowers.


A gravity system operates on the principle of cool air falling and warmer air rising. These types of systems are typically used in the basement and when they are switched on the warm air will rise towards the ceiling to heat your home. When the cool air sinks down again, is reheated and then redistributed throughout your home.

Radiant Heat

A radiant system comes with many of the same problems as a gravity system, they can’t be used with air-conditioning systems and they typically work by heating up the floors, walls or ceilings. Most of the time radiant heat uses items like radiators which will distribute heat around the room. The series of pipes and a radiator will transport hot water to heat up sections of a room. The only problem with these types of systems is that they are often prone to malfunctioning and they can experience problems especially when mineral deposits have the chance to build up inside.

HVAC System Parts You Should Know About

The four main components of every HVAC system include the furnace which is responsible for heating the air. The furnace requires a fuel such as oil or natural gas in order to appropriately heat the air. Inside the furnace is a device called a heat exchanger which is responsible for seeding the air to the ideal temperature. You will typically find a furnace in the basement, in the attic or in a specifically designed closet.

An air-conditioner cools down the air and is often found outside of the house. These systems use coolant liquid or electricity in order to reduce the temperature of the air. The ductwork is responsible for transmitting the cool and hot air throughout your home. It moves throughout the interior of your home and there are separate tracks for the cool air and warm air.

Your thermostat is the main control feature for the entire system. You can set a temperature and have the system regulate the temperature inside your home. The thermostat will be responsible for turning the system on and off as well as controlling how hard the system has to work to maintain the temperature. Older style thermostats will come with two main exposed contacts which will bend when the room cools or warms up to start the air conditioner or the furnace. Modern thermostats use a series of magnets and a steel bar for far more accurate measurement. Many modern thermostats also come with specialty temperature controls and efficiency improvements that can be activated through wifi and smart home applications.

Running an HVAC system doesn’t need to be as complicated as you may think and with the combination of an air-conditioning system and furnace, you can keep the internal temperature inside her home at the perfect level. Regular maintenance and efficiency upgrades for your can only help to make things easier with your HVAC system. If you are interested in updating your HVAC system contact our team today and we can make recommendations for your home.

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