The pandemic did not stop many Americans from pursuing home renovations.

In fact, the restrictions placed in order to slow the spread of the virus has made many families realize that upgrading their houses. Moreover, the lower mortgage rates throughout the year mean that more people can afford to take out renovation loans to fund their projects.

Outdoor Features Become Pandemic’s Big Winners

There is strong evidence that suggests that COVID-19 is airborne. When a person who is infected coughs or sneezes, they release droplets and aerosols that contain the virus and spread in the air. A person standing or seated nearby is exposed and likely to be infected if they inhale the contaminated air.

That means going out and mingling with strangers is risky.

As a result, most businesses had to close their doors. Restaurants become take out places only. Gyms were not permitted to operate and had to find other avenues to earn a profit. Beaches remained empty.

This went on through spring, summer, fall, and winter.

This made households realize the importance of having features to enjoy inside their property. They built their own fitness rooms, gave their decks a major makeover, powered their home entertainment equipment with high-quality television and speakers, etc. However, the most popular renovation feature this year is the pool.

Summer was all but canceled this year. The virus did not go away when the sun came out as many had hoped. The number of positive cases continued rising.

Pools, and pool supplies, saw an increase in business this year. The demand was so strong that the stock for any pool-related venture hit an all-time high around August. It was the best time to have a business selling and constructing pools.

Other Home Renovation Projects Continue

Pools are not the only features getting added. Renovations of kitchens and bathrooms have always been popular but, during the pandemic, remodeling experienced a 40% surge compared to the data from a year ago.

This is not a surprise. In 2020, home cooking and dining went back in vogue as restaurants close down. McCormick, a popular spice company, saw its third-quarter sales go up by 8% compared to the same period in the past year. McCormick credits the rise in home cooking for the increase in sales of its products.

CEO Lawrence Kurzius is positive that people will continue cooking at home for a long time.

Home extensions and privacy features were also popular this year.

Projects involving the addition of a new room or a shed was up by 53%. Working from home became the default in 2020. Many households find themselves needing a dedicated space that is quiet and free of distractions to maximize productivity.

Installation of fences and other security measures grew by 166%.

Renovation Postponed in Some Households

Not everyone, however, felt comfortable having builders into their homes and potentially exposing their families to COVID-19. Smoke households decided to pause their long-planned renovation project this year because of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed to protect the public.

Others are trying their hand at DIY, learning how to do home renovation work on their own to continue improving their property without letting strangers into the house.

Is It Safe to Renovate?

Some tasks require the hands of an expert. To minimize the risk of transmission, many builders wear personal protective equipment before they enter a house. They also create a partition in the area to enforce social distancing.

Moreover, contractors are adopting new ways to continue to work without compromising the safety of clients. A lot of the discussions are happening over the internet; a client sends photos and videos of the part of the house that needs repairs or additions. Plans, budgets, selections, and other aspects of construction are decided through text messages.

The pandemic is not winding down yet, but some people have decided to pursue or continue a home renovation project. Contractors are ensuring the safety of homeowners by following health protocols and using messaging apps to negotiate with clients.

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