No appliance owner looks forward to the day the washing machine finally dies, but it can be an opportunity to find a new one more suitable to your needs. Many people make the mistake of looking only at price, but there are many other factors involved. A little bit of research ahead of time can make buying the right washing machine a seamless process, as well as a decision you’ll be happy with in the long term. Here are some items to consider before buying.

1. Efficiency

Price is obviously a consideration, but there are other costs associated, like water and electricity usage. Simply doing an internet search for “cheapest washing machines Massachusetts,” for example, won’t give you a true picture of the long term costs you might incur. If you have a large family and a lot of laundry at a given time, you will probably need a washer with a large capacity.

2. Effectiveness

A washing machine that is highly efficient is only useful if it also cleans clothes well without subjecting them to too much wear. Check consumer reports to find which brands and models receive high ratings for cleaning clothes and gentleness. The website tests the same stains in different machines to determine effectiveness, and it can be a good tool in making a decision.

3. Appearance

Many people like to have their washer and dryer match, so if considering buying both appliances together, you may be able to negotiate better pricing with a store. You should consider whether you need a stackable unit or prefer a top loader. Some people are particular about a certain color or getting stainless steel, but the more flexible you can be in appearance, the more options you will have.

4. Price

The final step to consider is price, since washing machines can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. When trying to get a good deal, outlets can offer a very economical option, as well as a variety of choices. If you are willing to deal with minor imperfections, many stores offer discounts for dented or scratched machines. These don’t function differently or have operational defects, and you can often find one with dents in unnoticeable areas like the back or sides.

Buying a new washing machine doesn’t have to be a tedious process. However, you should spend a few minutes doing research on the efficiency and effectiveness of different models. Once you decide on the desired appearance and price range, you are ready to buy and enjoy your new machine.


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