When it comes to home heating, you might be satisfied with a traditional furnace to keep things toasty in the winter. But even if you get your furnace checked out at least once a year by a reputable hvac company in baltimore, there’s no guarantee that your furnace won’t leave you high and dry one of these days. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, you should seriously be thinking about switching to a condensing furnace. Whether you’re trying to save money on heating or just want something a bit more dependable, here are just a few reasons why making the upgrade could be right for you.

Energy Efficiency

There’s a reason why condensing furnaces are also known as “high efficiency” furnaces. While your traditional furnace probably has a lifespan of 20 years or so, chances are it decreases in efficiency with each year. If you live in a house with an old furnace, you could be paying much higher heating bills than usual simply because your furnace is getting older and less equipped to handle the job of heating your home. Instead of waiting for an old furnace to stop working completely, upgrading to a condensing furnace could end up saving you a ton in preventative care and maintenance. Because condensing furnaces use the heat they conduct by converting gas into liquid, they’re able to deliver more heat to your home by doing half the work of a regular furnace thanks to a second heat exchanger that’s built right in. With a 90% AFUE rating for most condensing furnaces, you’ll never again have to worry about overpaying for a weak stream of heat.

Different Fan Speeds

A condensing furnace is able to run at a low, consistent speed, rather than delivering short bursts of concentrated heat. This means that instead of dealing with a heating system that turns on and off at random, you’ll be able to deal with a steady, even stream of heat that won’t break the bank. If you’re not satisfied, you can easily and manually change the speed of the built-in blower motors to give you a more even distribution of heat through your home. Rather than depending on a totally unmoderated stream of hot air, you can have more control over your furnace overall.

Better Circulation

If you live in an older, draftier home, chances are you’ve struggled with heating for a long time. Even if you do your best to apply weatherstripping and seal up all the leaky windows in your home, you still end up overpaying for heating without ever feeling truly warm and comfortable in your house. A condensing furnace can help stop the cycle. By recycling the water vapor that occurs from the traditional production of heat in a furnace, your high-efficiency furnace will be delivering nearly twice the amount of heat for half the price. Thanks to the consistent, low running speed, you’ll also be less dependent on huge blasts of air to keep your home heated through the winter.

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