When a no longer functioning air conditioning system, it is first of all to find the error. Subsequently, the repair, which usually means, the change of the defective air conditioning components. Every air conditioner in a car consists of many individual components. All parts are coordinated. Leaks, clogged components, air or water in the refrigerant circuit as well as air conditioning leaks are to be repaired as soon as possible. This is the only way to avoid consequential damage and thus further expensive follow-on repairs. At air conditioning repair peoriaaz, you can check the costs of changing the individual air conditioning components for your vehicle, compare the offers at the repair shops in your area, and then arrange a fitting date for the repair of the air conditioning system online.

The air conditioning is always to be repaired by professionals

Even the complexity of the air conditioning and the special requirements of the pressurized piping system, the temperature differences and the handling of the refrigerant make the repair in a specialist workshop required. In addition, special equipment and tools are required to diagnose and repair the air conditioning system. Only professional workshops are equipped with it. Incidentally, this also applies to the knowledge that exists only in workshops, which makes targeted troubleshooting possible in the first place.

Costs for the repair depend on the component

Components of an air conditioner that can refuse service and then have to be replaced include the condenser and the compressor, the dryer, the evaporator, the blower motor and the expansion valve. Accordingly, the cost of repairing the air conditioning can be different levels. Labor and parts price and possible composite work vary greatly depending on the defect. Also, an identical repair costs differently on different car models. This is due to the accessibility of the parts and the different parts prices.

Capacitor and compressor are changed frequently

If the car quickly loses refrigerant, the condenser is often replaced because it was damaged by a rockfall. If the condenser is tight, the moving parts of the compressor may have settled. Then you have to change the compressor.

Change the air conditioner dryer

At certain intervals, the dryer is to change. The dryer is a wearing part, which absorbs moisture residues and suspended matter from the refrigerant. If the dryer is saturated, it must be replaced without delay. In this context, expertly means to remove the refrigerant from the air conditioning unit before removing the dryer with an air conditioning service unit. Then the dryer, usually it is a dryer cartridge, replaced.

Subsequently, the air conditioner is evacuated, so generates negative pressure. This will test the air conditioner for leaks. If the vacuum is maintained over the test period, everything is ok. Now the air conditioning system is freshly filled with refrigerant and special oil. The whole procedure takes about two to three hours, because some composite work is still needed. This accounts for the lion’s share of the costs on the workshop work, because a new dryer costs depending on the vehicle only from about 20, – €.

If the workshop detects a problem with the evaporator, the necessary disassembly and assembly work on the car are significantly more expensive. Depending on the vehicle model, the blower motor, heat exchanger, heating and blower box, steering wheel, dashboard and servomotors must first be removed before repair. Also, a complete draining of the air conditioning with the air conditioning service unit is required.

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