There are a lot of things to learn about TDX 20 from Bluon Energy. As we all know that Freon(R-22) is being phased out of use steadily and soon we will be completely free of this refrigerant. It will become completely obsolete by 2020 but this transition has not been easy. In fact it has left a lot of businesses and homeowners searching for an alternative. We all seek something that is safe, effective and yet very much affordable.

The problem here is that several homeowners and businesses still believe that their equipment that relies on Freon will go waste. And that is true to a certain extent and only until a refrigerant is formulated that can make use of these old apparatuses as if it was made for them.

TDX 20 by Bluon does it with flair! Yes, this is one refrigerant that can be efficiently used in the systems that made use of the R-22 without any modifications whatsoever. This ability to keep your existing equipment intact that Bluon gives you while using the new and more energy efficient refrigerant TDX 20 is one of its strongest advantages.

TDX 20 Uses Less Energy

A transition to TDX 20 by Bluon will effectively reduce your energy consumption. It is going to help reduce costs for everyone, whether they are a homeowner or a business owner.

You Don’t Have To Waste Any More Money

Many families and businesses are thinking that they will have to invest countless dollars on a new unit but that is not the case at all. We all know that getting a brand new HVAC-R infrastructure installed is not going to come cheap by any means. Unlike what some homeowners and business owners have done, you don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in upgrading your units. There is no need to buy newer and latest models because the TDX 20 works in your existing systems flawlessly.

You Can Use The Models That Still Work On The Age Old R-22 By Freon.

The R-22 is going to be banned soon and that means people will be left with a tough decision to make. Although it will be legal to purchase the R-22 but when it comes to refilling their units, it’s going to be significantly more expensive than how much it cost before. Needless to say that ever since Bluon has brought the TDX 20 in the market, it is being considered as an obvious alternative to the R-22 and the next step in refrigerant technology.

Why Did Bluon Choose To Launch TDX 20?

According to Peter Capuciati –who is a renowned a physicist and also the co-founder of Bluon Energy TDX 20 is the best alternative to R-22 for a number of valid reasons. When it came to the knowledge of the team that the alternatives available in the market to replace the R-22 are not efficient, they got to work instantly. The team developed viable and practical solutions to this issue. They devoted 7 years and finally came up with a solution that could actually eliminate the limitations and efficiencies of the already existing refrigerants and proposed alternatives.

The Need For Bluon’s TDX 20

The biggest reason the world has begun to favor this refrigerant is its degree of efficiency. The replacement refrigerants that we already come across on the market don’t deplete the ozone layer or harm the environment as much as the ones we are using right now but they are less efficient. According to experts they are going to increase the energy consumption of our HVAC systems by 5-30%. And this is just on paper. The actual numbers may differ and this could lead to rising costs for everyone and a bigger carbon footprint. This defeats the whole purpose of phasing out the R-22. This was being carried out not just to prevent our environment from getting harmed but also to reduce costs associated with cooling and ventilation. The more electricity we consume, the larger our carbon footprint becomes.

TDX 20 however, is the perfect solution to this problem because it can work well with the very same equipment and doesn’t increase energy consumption in any way. In fact it is very much capable of addressing several shortcomings of the existing and replacement refrigerants. If studies are to be believed, TDX 20 is very much energy efficient and provides you with an average energy saving of 15-18%. This is much higher as compared to other replacement refrigerants.


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