Lawn care and lawn maintenance are two very different services that can often be confused. Lawn care typically refers to the occasional mowing and edging of your lawn, while lawn maintenance includes more intensive services like winterizing, fertilizing and weed control. Knowing the difference between these two services will help you choose the right one for your property.

What Lawn Care Includes

Lawn care includes the regular maintenance of your lawn, such as mowing, trimming, and fertilizing. Lawn maintenance also includes repairing damage that may occur from natural elements or human activities. Lawn Care And Lawn Maintenance Difference includes all the tasks necessary to keep your lawn looking its best which are guided by earth developmentinc company. Whether you need to mow the lawn, weed it, or fertilize it, a lawn care service will take care of it all.

Some common services that a lawn maintenance company may offer include:

  • Mowing: Regular mowing is an important part of keeping your lawn looking healthy and free of debris. A professional mower will slice through the grass evenly, removing any excess that can lead to clumps and grass sticking out in odd directions.
  • Weeding: Weeds can quickly take over a lawn, choking off sunlight and nutrients from the turf. A professional weeder will go through the entire lawn, removing all unwanted plants before they grow too large.
  • Fertilizing: Lawns need nutrients to remain green and healthy. A professional fertilizer company will recommend the right type of fertilizer for your particular lawn and soil composition.

Why You Should Spend More Time on Lawn Maintenance

If you want to keep your lawn looking great year-round, it’s important to spend more time on lawn maintenance than you do on lawn care. Here’s what you need to know: Lawn care is the superficial maintenance that mainly involves mowing, edging, and removing leaves or debris. Lawn maintenance, on the other hand, includes more comprehensive care such as fertilizing, watering properly, and correcting any problems that may occur. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in more lawn maintenance:

It’ll Save You Time and Money. Mowing, edging, and removing leaves or debris can be done manually or with a lawnmower, but if these tasks are left undone for long periods of time, they can become harder and more time-consuming to do. In addition, overgrown grass can become choked off with vegetation and require higher levels of water to stay hydrated which can lead to drought-like conditions.   It’ll Keep Your Lawn Healthy. A healthy lawn is essential for keeping your property looking its best.

Lawn Care: mowing, edging and trimming the lawn

Lawn care is the act of taking care of a lawn, which may include fertilizing, mowing, weeding and treating pests. Lawn maintenance includes these activities as well as other care such as fixing broken tiles or sprinkler heads. Lawn maintenance generally refers to the periodic tasks of fertilizing, pruning and treating pests that keep your lawn green and healthy. Lawn fertilization is a mandatory step in keeping your lawn healthy. Lawn fertilizers are designed to provide nutrients that help promote healthy plants and discourage weed growth. Pruning is also an important part of lawn maintenance. Proper pruning will remove diseased or damaged limbs, twigs and other growth that can damage the grass. Pruning should be done in late winter or early spring when the weather is mild and the grass is dormant. Treating Pests on your lawn can be a difficult task but necessary to maintain a healthy lawn. Insects, fungus and bacteria can all damage your lawn if not controlled. Treatment options include using insecticides, fungicides or herbicides.

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