A well-maintained garage door can last a homeowner as long as 25 to 30 years. Of course, with changing trends and improvements, you may feel like changing yours sooner than that. However, considering how you open and close your garage door a few times a day, you should schedule maintenance checks now and then. Keep in mind that your garage door also plays a role in the general outlook of your home. Below are a few tips to make your garage last longer.

Check the Door’s Balance

When your garage door is unbalanced, it strains the opener and reduces its lifespan. When testing the door’s balance, disconnect it from the opener and pull the door manually along its track to about halfway. A properly balanced door will stay in place once you let go. If the door falls, then it is imbalanced. Do not ignore waiting for the problem to get worse. Start researching garage door repair Austin TX-located, and get a technician to come and fix it. Since the issue could be with the springs’ tension, let the repairman handle it.

Lubricate Moving Parts

This is one of the easiest maintenance checks you can do on your garage door without even calling a technician. Lubricate all moving parts like rollers and hinges. Most garage doors have a manual informing you of the suitable lubricant to use on your door. Ensure you do not use grease since it can attract dirt, leading to clogging the tracks.

Inspect the Weather Stripping

Your garage door has a rubber lining on its edges which helps prevent water, bugs, wind, and dirt from passing through and spoiling the panel. Wooden garage doors often lack weather stripping at the base. Fortunately, you can buy it from a hardware store and install it. Despite the type of garage door you have, with time, the strips can start decaying, cracking, or ripping, which leaves your garage exposed. As soon as you notice these issues, fix them before they get worse. Also, this project is not complicated, and your garage technician will fix it within a few hours.

Inspect The Hardware

With constant opening and closing, the hardware is likely to loosen. Cables, screws, springs, pulleys, nuts, and bolts can wear out over time. Therefore, every few months, check and tighten the hardware to secure your garage door. For older garage doors, the solution may be a replacement, especially if you find yourself doing repairs more often than usual. Fortunately, many technicians will help you with garage door replacement Austin-based. The process will barely take a day, and you will have a new garage door within no time.

Clean the Garage Door

Your garage door needs to be washed now and then to last you a long time. You can do this over the weekend when you are washing the car and cleaning the garage. Cleaning will help remove any built-up grease, ensuring your garage door is working effectively. On top of that, a clean garage door boosts a home’s curb appeal.

Use these tips to ensure your garage door lasts a long time, saving you huge repair costs. Some of these suggestions are also manageable, and you will not need a technician for that.


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