When you walk into a space the one thing that takes up the most space is flooring. The type and look of flooring can either make or break a sell. The type of flooring used in a space tells how the builder of that space wanted it to feel. More expensive flooring usually increases the price that one might pay for the space, residential or commercial. When thinking about flooring there are benefits to picking one type of flooring over another, just as there are determinants as well. There are quite a few different types of flooring, the most common are carpet, hardwood flooring, and laminate flooring.

Finding a company to install flooring is rather easy. For instance if you are in Allentown, Pennsylvania then all you have to do is go to your favorite search engine and type in flooring installation allentown pa and installation companies will pop right up. The most important part about finding someone to install your flooring is looking at reviews to ensure that you will be getting quality installation that will not cost you more money in the future to replace.

Carpet flooring is a more textured type of flooring as it relates to the ability to actually feel the texture. The primary difference between other types of flooring and carpet is the padding underneath the carpet that acts as a cushion that decreases impact. Carpet is often more comfortable to walk on due to this padding. A space that uses carpet usually feels more relaxing than any other type of flooring because it’s often used in homes and people tend to make that connection subconsciously. The downside to carpet because it is a textured type of fabric is that you get stains and if they are not treated immediately you will have to get a machine to do so, unless you invest in a carpet cleaner, the cost can get expensive each time you have to get it cleaned.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful types of flooring. Since it is wood, it adds a natural beauty to the space it is feeling and like carpet also has a relaxing homey feeling. Although unlike carpet that feeling is more associated with older homes and cabins, it’s nice. The some of the different types of woods that are used for hardwood flooring are Maple, Cherry, Oak, Walnut and Hickory. In addition to looking nice, hardwood flooring also is durable. The selecting process when choosing which wood to use for your hardwood flooring is the most importance since some types of wood get darker, Cherry, with exposure to light. Another concern is shrinkage which happens as moisture levels the wood and can be stopped in some types of woods by seasoning it, which is wood drying.

Laminate flooring is starting to be the most sought-after flooring. It is a way to get the wood look without have to pay the price that comes with it. Laminate flooring resembles natural materials (wood, marble, etc.) and comes in a wide variety of colors, which allows for customization that wouldn’t normally come with using the material itself. The downside to laminate flooring is that it can get worn and must be replaced once it does.

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