The clean windows give an amazing and fresh look to your house. the cleaner the windows of your house are, the better are your chances to get more potential buyers if you are looking forward to resale the property.

When it comes to the window cleaning for your house, you end up with two options. First is to hire the professional window cleaners who can give you something extraordinary with efficiently cleaned windows that are streak free and grime free. You can visit in order to get more info on the topic. On the other hand, you can clean the windows all by yourself. But how to do that perfectly? It is simple and easy and you can do it like a pro if you follow the list of tips that we have mentioned here.

1.      When you have to clean the glass of the window and you have to ensure that it is grime free and streak free, you will have to make use of the vinegar and detergent solution. It is famous for the perfect cleaning of the mirrors of your windows, so get them cleaned properly this way.

2.      Many times this happens that the tracks of the windows get blocked and they cannot move or slide properly in the tracks. So they too need cleaning properly in order to move freely and easily. At least once each year, you should clean these tracks. For the cleaning of the window tracks, you need to make use of a sponge brush that can clean all the tracks and make them dust free.

3.      In case the tracks of the windows are extremely blocked with grime and dirt, you can use the power of baking soda and vinegar as well. It will help clear all the mess from the tracks and will make them slide perfectly.

4.      If you have got mold on the window sills, you need to harness the power of tea tree oil and vinegar, mix it in the spray bottle and then let it sit for about 30 minutes. It will help you wipe off the mold from the windows and give you super clean windows in a single attempt.

5.      The mixture of vinegar and detergent is what serves as the best glass cleaner and a squeegee can help you clean the windows better with this mixture. But remember one thing, when you are using the squeegee, keep a clean wash cloth or towel with you and keep cleaning the rubber with it all the time.

6.      Fuzz is a big source of blocking the window screens but the use of the lint roller on the screen, can help unblock it and make it super clean so that more air can pass through it and cleaner windows can be seen.

7.      The cloudy days are the best for window cleaning because on the sunny days, the solution would dry up on the glass, leaving spots.

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