Everybody likes to have options when it comes to their daily routines. While it’s common to find many older homes come with an old bathtub and a shower fixture above it, this isn’t the most luxurious way to bathe, even if it’s a handy way of conserving space in smaller bathrooms. However, if you’re looking to spread out and want to convert your old tub into a full-on shower with room to move around, the process isn’t as intimidating as it might appear. If you’re one of the thousands of families who’s eager to do away with bathtubs altogether, you’re going to want to make sure you do it the right way. Before you convert your tub, here are a few tips for creating a smooth transition.

Create Your Budget

Before you start designing your dream shower, it’s best to begin with a few practicalities. Deciding how much you want to spend on your project will help you stay within your boundaries and prevent overspending on a bunch of extras you don’t really need. Even if you’re looking to totally convert and remodel your shower, there are a bunch of ways to save money before you’ve even started work on the project. For instance, if you know you don’t need to move any pipes around or relocate other appliances like the toilet and the sink, you’ll be able to create a pared-down budget that will help you accomplish things quickly and without over-spending on a lot fancy shuffling around. When speaking with your contractor, talk about what you actually want to do with the space, and create a plan that involves a minimal amount of pipework and relocation. From there, you’ll be able to get a sense of the bare bones cost of labor and parts.

Think About “Extras”

Not everyone, unfortunately, is lucky enough to be able to easily convert their tub into a shower without moving a bunch of pieces around. If you do end up needing to move some pipes around and re-install your toilet, you’ll need to budget accordingly. First, along with your contractor, talk about what would work best for the space. Do you have enough room to really play around and create more space for a shower chamber? Do you need to work with an already tight space that doesn’t give you a lot of options for redesigning? Do you want to make your shower really stand out with new fixtures like a removable showerhead and state-of-the-art tiling? Maybe you’re going for a more stripped-down approach. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re actually thinking about the project in a practical manner before deciding to rip everything up and start from scratch.

To Relocate or Not To Relocate?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make has to do with the placement of your shower. If, like many home renovators, you end up having to relocate your shower and build a whole new structure, you’ll need to create a different set of plans to make sure everything will fit and work properly without messing up your plumbing system. If you decide to keep things where they are, you’ll probably find yourself working with limited space. The best way to get around this is to use appropriate “extras” like a fancy shower head and door to make your space feel a bit more luxurious. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, you’ll want to rely on choosing the right details to make your bathroom feel more like a sanctuary and less like a cramped shared space.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Room

No matter what size bathroom you’re working with, you can always get creative in terms of optimizing the space. Using a few simple design tricks can help open up the area and make it feel more like a spa and less like a closet. For instance, installing a large mirror or two can give a more expansive feeling and sacrificing counter space for a more intuitive, open floor plan can do a lot to relieve that cramped feeling. You don’t have to knock a bunch of walls down to create the bathroom of your dreams. If you’re using the shower as your focal point, try to turn it into a truly luxurious place rather than a claustrophobic chamber. Invest in height-adjustable shower heads, grab bars or even a seating area inside if you’re truly committed to the luxury experience. If you’re working on a smaller budget, use extras like creative storage solutions and soothing tile colors to capture the same feeling.

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