Whether you need warm water in the kitchen or you are going to be taking a hot bath, making sure that you can get warm water from your appliances in the home is a necessity. If you’re having problems with your hot water, it’s likely that your hot water heater has experienced a failure. Here are some top maintenance and repair tips for your hot water heater that can help you to avoid interruptions to your hot water supply:

Flush Out Your System Regularly

Sediment can build up in your hot water heater tank thanks to mineral deposits that are present throughout the water supply. If you don’t flush out the sediment at least once a year, this can generate ongoing problems within the function of your hot water heater. Asking a plumber to regularly flush out the system can be crucial to keeping it running.

Test Release Valves

The pressure release valves need to function properly and when too much pressure builds up within your hot water heater, this can put pressure on your hot water heater and make it much more difficult to operate. Make sure they are still opening easily and that they can continue to do their job even if something goes wrong.

Proper Clearance

Keeping 2 feet of clearance around your hot water heater is important as you could be risking a fire otherwise. Crowding items around the exterior of the unit can also make it difficult to salvage your items if something goes wrong.

Inspecting The Anode Rod

The anode rod within your hot water tank is important to heating the hot water in the tank. It can corrode over time with exposure to the water. The rod needs to be replaced once every five years ideally.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for maintenance and repairs on your hot water heater!

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