Having your home renovated is exciting. It promises you something to look forward to that will improve not just your home’s appearance, but your lifestyle too. However, the process of the renovation itself is often far from convenient, especially if you’ll still be living in your home during the remodeling.     Construction work produces dust, debris, and noise, and also requires you to make certain sacrifices. It also poses a safety and security threat for your household as strangers walk in and out of your doors and pets grow anxious about new people and construction noises. Here’s a list of helpful tips to prepare for the inconvenience:

Prep your HVAC systems

Your HVAC appliances are going to be vulnerable to the dust and debris that the construction work will produce. Shut them down if you have to and avoid using them as much as possible. Cover them up so their filters won’t get too dirty. Once the renovation is complete, call the air conditioning and furnace maintenance service providers, so they can examine and fix your HVAC systems.

Smoke detector

It’s not just smoke and fire that can set off a smoke alarm. Particles that accumulate over time and can clog your detector can also set off its alarm. These include dust, mold, and even spider webs. Even when there’s no construction going on in your home, you’ll still need to clean your smoke detector every so often to prevent false alarms.

Paint fumes can set off your smoke detector, so make sure to cover them up with plastic during construction. Don’t forget to remove the cover once construction is completed.

Double-check your security system

Having strangers in your home poses a security threat. Even if you’ll still be living in your home during the construction period, it may be difficult to keep track of all the workers, designers, and contractors coming through your door.

Keep valuables and important documents in a safe during construction. Upgrade to a smart security system or use a doorbell camera to track who’s been coming through your door. You can also install smart locks to secure your doors.

Think about your pet

Pets are a part of your family, so it’s important to consider how a renovation would affect them too. Pets can be hostile towards strangers, so it helps if you introduce them to the workers. Let them sniff the workers. It may take a few days, but they’ll get used to them eventually.

Leave a safe area for them. Pets can be anxious in unfamiliar situations. You know from New Year’s celebrations that their anxiety can also be set off by loud, sudden noises such as fireworks. Hammering and drilling are likely to have the same effect on them. Keep them in a safe, enclosed room while the construction is ongoing. Make sure to visit them in this room from time to time to feed them and keep them company. Don’t forget to take them out for walks too.

But if none of these options work out, you can send them to daycare or with a friend or family member.

Get ready for dust

Construction workers will be the ones to cover up surfaces in the construction area that might get paint and dust on them but they won’t do the same for rooms that won’t be renovated. With constant construction work, dust can still reach even enclosed rooms. Before construction begins, make sure that you have door stripping in place to minimize the dust that seeps in through door cracks.

You also need to be responsible for your furniture. Make sure to move them out of the renovation areas. Roll up your rugs because they can catch a lot of dust and debris during the remodel. Roll them up and put them in storage to avoid having to do even more cleaning when the construction is completed.

Spend more time outdoors

If you’re having both the outdoor and indoor parts of your home renovated, make sure these don’t happen at the same time so that you and your family will still have space for yourselves.

If or when the renovation is going to take place indoors, you can use this as an excuse to spend more time outside. Kids can run around and play, and the elderly can sit and have some peace. Prepare for this by decking out your yard and patio with the necessary furniture. Make sure that you’ll have enough shaded areas to accommodate your household members.

Change calls for some discomfort and inconvenience and home renovations are no exception. Make sure to anticipate these by preparing for them to ensure that the construction process is safe for you and your family.

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