Portable fire extinguishers help protect your surroundings against small fires. Since it is a lifesaving gadget, you want to make sure it keeps operating all the time, especially in emergencies. Proper inspection and maintenance can be handy in making your portable fire extinguisher reliable and long-lasting to combat a small fire.


Inspection of your fire extinguishers is the best way to ensure your fire safety tools continue to be reliable and effective in emergencies. Performing an inspection on the fire extinguishers does not require you to obtain any certificates. An individual with knowledge and competence can do this job.

Fire extinguishers need inspection at the time of initial installation and every month after that. Fire safety gadgets installed in rust-prone or tampering locations require inspection more frequently than those in mainstream settings. Recordkeeping of the monthly inspection is necessary to record when and who inspected your fire extinguisher.


Maintaining a fire extinguisher is one of the primary elements of taking care of your fire safety equipment. It includes maintaining the extinguishing agent, expelling mediums, physical condition, and mechanical components of the fire extinguisher. The maintenance procedure needs a certified individual who has taken a test acceptable to the AHJ and is familiar with NFPA 10 requirements.

Hydrostatic Testing Procedure 

The hydrostatic testing of fire extinguishers accompanies internal and external examination of your fire safety equipment. The professionals responsible for hydrostatic testing know what they need to look for as it can be deadly if performed the wrong way. The professional will remove many of the extinguisher components to strip it down to the shell and hose and fill it with water with a specific pressure for a certain period. They will reassemble and recharge the extinguisher after it is completely dried. The hydrostatic test may fail if there is any distortion, leakage, or permanent moving of combinations.

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