There was once a time when a contractor was judged on his or her work alone. Was an extension completed on time? Was the plastering smooth and up to a sufficient standard? The judgement was generally made based on the work and nothing else.

As time has progressed, demands have changed. Sure, some homeowners might still just be focused on the job in hand, but for others a sense of etiquette is required. As the Covid-19 pandemic drags on, one can only assume that these demands will surge. It means that contractors have to adapt and follow measures that may not have once been thought of.

Washing hands is now a necessity

In the current climate, this will not come as a surprise. While gloves and other protective equipment should also be used, the advice about washing hands when appropriate remains the same. In short, any contractor that is working for a prolonged period of time, where gloves may have to be removed occasionally, should make it their aim to wash their hands. This is now expected behavior and is likely to be for the foreseeable future.

Taking shoes off before entering a house falls into the same category

It might not be as dangerous as failing to wash hands but nowadays, there is an increased focus on hygiene. Taking shoes off before entering a home has always been a classic etiquette step but now, the focus is heightened.

While the transmission of viruses might not necessarily be associated with shoes directly, these actions allow homeowners to rest assured that contractors are taking as many appropriate hygiene steps as they feasibly can.

The pet-factor

If we sway away from the hygiene topic, let’s move onto pets. The last thing that homeowners need is to be frantically worried about their pets during a time of work. Admittedly, pets should never hold a job up, but at the same time they should not be worried about cats, dogs and whatever other animals they have escaping.

This is where courteous behavior comes into the picture. Make sure that gates, doors anything else are closed behind you. Small steps like these can make contractors easier to work with, and a much better alternative than those who ignore this advice.

A job isn’t finished until it is usable

What separates good contractors from the very best? Those that can quickly show the quality of their work.

In other words, if a contractor fails to clean up after themselves, whether it is by clearing up wood chips or even scrubbing a surface clean, the customer is not provided the finished product. They are having to finish the job off themselves and naturally question if they really got value for money when they asked for their project to be completed.

Sure, it might sound finickity, but many customers no longer expect to complete a job themselves – even if it is something as simple as cleaning.

People have come to expect more from the contractors that they bring into their homes. It is a change in the level of service, and those who meet the expectations of their customers will be able to build their businesses in the long-term.

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