Pest control refers to the eradication of certain insect or animal species that negatively affect human activities using various pest control measures. Some ways in which these pests are controlled include:

  • Exclusion
  • Repulsion
  • Physical removal
  • Chemical means

Some of the pests that are commonly found in the home environment include rodents, insects, birds, and other organisms that share their habitat with humans. These pests not only feed on and damage possessions but they also pose a health risk to the people living in these houses. If you live in Boise, ID and aren’t sure about which action to take to control the pests, then consider reaching out to a pest control company offering Boise pest control services.

The best method to use for pest control

There are several methods that can be used to control pests. Apart from using pesticides, the other common option requires paying attention to clean living. If all the relevant hygiene measures are put in place, there will be no point in implementing a pesticide program. However, if good hygiene isn’t maintained even after pesticide treatment it’s highly likely that the pests will soon come back.

Let’s take a deeper look at the latter method:

Hygiene as a method for pest control

When you keep your home and the garden neat and clean, there won’t be places for the pests to breed and hide. On the other hand, if you leave food particles, garbage, and stagnant water lying around there will be more pests. You can try the following to good hygiene measure to control pests in your home:

  • Clean up immediately after meals instead of leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight
  • After washing the dishes, allow them to dry before putting them away
  • Put all rubbish in the bins
  • All waste leftover food should be wrapped tightly in paper before being thrown in the bin
  • Make sure that all surfaces and floors are clean and free from food scraps
  • Clean behind the fridge and the cooker regularly
  • Store food in containers with air-tight lids
  • To make sure that the toilet is always clean, flush it after every use. Don’t use any other kind of materials down the toilet apart from toilet paper
  • Ensure that all septic tanks and leach drains are well-sealed
  • Use fly screens to prevent insects and other bugs from getting into the house.

Biological pest control methods

These methods include using natural enemies to the pests that prevent them from breading and kills them. Unfortunately, these methods are not 100 percent effective and so they fail sometimes.


The best practices for pest control combine scientific knowledge with modern technology as well as natural processes. To come up with the best practices for pest management, it’s important that you have accurate knowledge of pests and their biology. Whichever method you try to use, you should also track the activities. The main purpose of record keeping is to evaluate the effectiveness of the method used.

It’s also important that you keep in mind the various regulations and restrictions. This way you are sure that you don’t violate any rules.

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