Owning a home or business comes with many ups and downs. While emergencies occur in everyone’s lives, it is possible to minimize their impact with proper preparation. Water can seep into a building in a number of ways and many of them can be found early and fixed or prevented entirely.

  1. Purchase Sensors

One way to determine if any water is getting inside of a structure is by installing sensors. The right system can detect and automatically stop certain types of water leaks. A WaterCop dealer can install a system of sensors that automatically shut off the water valves and alert the owner of the building to any problem involving leaky plumbing.

  1. Waterproof Outside

As structures settle, they can pull away from areas like that were once securely sealed. Driveways, for example, may have been sealed with foam, tar or other waterproofing materials. As the building and driveway move apart, the seal breaks and water can seep into the structure through the gap. If caught early enough, the area can be resealed and monitored for future movement.

As roofs age, they become less efficient at shedding water. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the roof to look for signs of weathering. That way they can be repaired or replaced before water damage occurs.

  1. Clean Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause water to leak into a structure because it is not being routed far enough away from the building. If it pours out from over the gutters it can prematurely erode window and door frames. It can also harm the materials that make up the edge of the roof, as they are not meant to be submerged. Landscaping can be flooded and eventually, the foundation can become damaged if too much standing water is present.

  1. Maintain Drains

Drains in the basement can back up during heavy rainfall if not properly maintained. Tree roots seek water and can bore into plumbing systems outside of the building and block pipes. This can cause backups during heavy rainfall. If there have been difficulties with the drains, an experienced plumber should be called to evaluate the issue.

Many of the ways in which water can enter a building can cause complications are avoidable. By doing regular checks several times a year and keeping things in good repair, it is entirely possible to have a structure that is free from damage for a long time.

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