Miami, located in southeastern Florida, is the third most populous city on the East coast of the US and the seventh largest in the country. Miami is seen as a refuge from the COVID-19 pandemic since Florida was one of the first states to reopen businesses. Miami is a warm, vibrant, and business-friendly city and many people are considering a move to Miami nowadays.

Here are a few things to know before moving at one of the best possible opportunities.

Miami is more than just beaches
Miami is known for its beaches that are well-known in pop culture, but Miami is more than just that. It is also a tourist attraction extravaganza because like other cosmopolitan wonders, you’ll never run out of things to do in the city.

Miami which is the seventh largest in the country, has a beautiful skyline with the tallest skyscrapers in the U.S. It has over 300 high-rises, here are a few of them :

Panorama Tower – the tallest building in the city, a mixed-use 85-story skyscraper located in the Brickell district of Downtown Miami. The 868-foot tower includes residential, hotel, retail, and office space.

Four Seasons Hotel and Tower – is a 70-story, 781 feet skyscraper in Miami. Also known as the Four Seasons Hotel Miami, it is located in Downtown Miami’s Brickell Financial District. This second tallest building in Miami, as well as in Florida contains a Four Seasons Hotel property, office space and several residential condominium units on the upper floors.

Southeast Financial Center- consists a 15-story parking garage and a 765-feet tall office skyscraper. This two-acre development in Miami was the tallest building south of New York City and east of the Mississippi River in 1983, and remained the tallest building in the southeastern U.S. until 1987.

Miami is the largest urban economy in Florida

Miami is a leader in finance, commerce, and international trade. The metro area has a GDP of $344.9 billion as of 2017 and was classified as a Beta+ level global city by the GaWC in 2020. The city is among the top players in business activity, human capital and information exchange. The city was ranked as the third-richest in the world and the second-richest in the United States in purchasing power, according to a 2018 UBS study.

With this kind of economy and opportunities, living in Miami is really enticing. But before you decide to live in Miami, take a look at these data on housing and households according to Zumper. Out of roughly 189,000 households in the city, 33% is renter-occupied, remaining 68% is owner-occupied. For a 1-bedroom apartment in Miami, the average rent is currently $1,600, a 9% decrease compared last year. As the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment remained flat over the last month, the average rent for a studio apartment increased by 2% to $1,350 and for a 2-bedroom apartment, an increase of 2% to $2,100.

Planning to move to Miami?
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Miami has a Great Healthcare

In this time of a pandemic, a place with a great healthcare might be the best place on Earth. Miami was recognized by Forbes magazine as the Cleanest City in America in 2008 and several years later, was listed as America’s fourth healthiest city by The ranking was based on healthcare quality and affordability, lifestyle choices, and availability of food and amenities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Miami’s health care is said to be one of the best in the world, as it has adapted to cater to those with more advanced age. Dozens of well-known health care providers have established clinics throughout the city, so there is no shortage of options where one can choose to receive due care. It is also easy to get a second opinion, because well-trained specialists in the metro are in good supply.

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