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Ways to Prepare for a Hot Summer

Summer brings longer days, trips to the beach and seasonal adventures with family and friends. Yet when a glimpse at the weather report reveals an onslaught of triple-digit temperatures, plan ahead to ensure you and your loved ones stay cool, comfortable and safe. Try these tips and tricks to beat the heat.

Check Your Air Conditioning

Before temperatures start to rise and appointments are tough to come by, reserve a time to have your home air conditioning unit serviced. If you don’t have a provider, ask friends and neighbors for references for a reputable Brandon HVAC repair company that can perform some preventative maintenance. A regular tune-up will help your system run more smoothly and efficiently, and any smaller repairs can avert larger ones if they’re caught early.

Monitor Loved Ones

When temperatures reach dangerous levels, ensure friends and family stay healthy in the heat. Be sure everyone stays hydrated, wears sunscreen when outdoors and tries to reduce strenuous activity as much as possible as temperatures peak. You should also be aware of symptoms of heatstroke and heat exhaustion and get yourself or a loved one who is showing signs of the illness some medical attention.

Plan Activities

Find some relief from the heat with trips that will help you stay cool. Visit a local water park where you can ride thrilling slides, swim, wade the shallow end or relax under an umbrella with a refreshing drink. Check out an air-conditioned aquarium, museum, movie theater or mall to avoid the sun for a few hours. You might also consider a road trip to a cooler climate or even a short hotel stay where you can enjoy room service and a daily dip in the pool.

Sleep Soundly

If you’d prefer to turn your air conditioner off in the evenings to save on the electricity bill or spare your neighbors from the noise, there are still ways to beat the heat and ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Consider a box fan to keep the air circulating — point it toward the window instead of at yourself to drive the hot air out of the room. Wear loose, cotton pajamas or garments designed with moisture-wicking fabric. Make your bed with breathable cotton sheets – you can even place the top sheet in the freezer or dampen it slightly to keep you cool as you drift off.

Be sure your summer fun is filled with joyful memories. Take precautions and plan activities around the summer heat to avoid any threats to your happiness and health.

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