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Why is Mold Dangerous?

There are so many different reasons as to why mold is dangerous for your to be living amongst. In fact, there are no good benefits associated with breathing in mold while you live inside of your home. There are some side effects that are worse than others, but nothing is good about breathing in mold spores.


We have gathered a few side effects that you may start to notice if you are living amongst mold inside of your home. If you are starting to notice any of these side effects you should contact a Twin Falls Mold Cleanup company to come into your home and look for any signs of mold that can be found inside.


Sinus Problems

It is not uncommon that people who are living with mold inside of their home to complain of sinus problems. When you breathe in mold spores you are breathing in toxins that are going to cause your sinuses to hurt. People who breathe in mold spores will often have congested sinus canals which make them feel like they have a constant cold. It is dangerous for your family’s health to allow them to breath in mold.


Nose Bleeds

To tag along with your sinus problems, you may experience an increase in nose bleeds. For some reason, the spores that you are breathing in will dry out your sinus canals and cause your nose to bleed often. If you have had sinus problems and have noticed an increase in the number of bloody noses that you are experiencing, you should consider checking in with your doctor and seeing if you may have mold spores.



Because you have so many problems with your sinuses, you can expect to also have a hard time with breathing easily. Many people with mold also start to experience asthma. If you have never had asthma before and suddenly you are having a hard time breathing while you are exercising you should start looking around your home for signs of mold. Asthma does not usually occur out of nowhere without a reason. Mold could definitely be the reason behind why you are suddenly having a difficult time breathing.


The effects of mold can be increasingly dangerous. You should not ignore any potentials health signs of mold. You should also pay attention to the areas inside of your home where it is possible for mold to grow. If you think you may have mold inside of your home you should call a mold removal expert

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